massimo and his pizza making team

Yesterday saw the long and much anticipated re-opening of Massimo’s (ex Pizza Club) in Hout Bay.

I had sadly only had been once,  just before they closed last year, and wrote about my experience here.

newly touched up and very homely with resident cat et al

I went along to the reopening / #pizzaisback party for friends and Twitter followers on Tuesday night. What a fun night we had and indulged or rather, over indulged in a pizza fest of note.

Massimo churned out a vast selection of pizzas for us to try including:

  • Gorgonzola(gorgonzola cheese on a white base – surprisingly delectable)
  • Mortadella(garlic butter, goat cheese, mortadella
  • Bianca (garlic butter, mozzarella, smoked cheese, pan fried mushrooms, rosemary)
  • Napoli (tomato,mozzarella, anchovies,  capers, olives) *I think this was my best but not totally sure
  • Pancetta(tomato, mozzarella, pancetta bacon, pan-fried mushrooms)
  • …..and his pizza special of the night ‘Porcetta’ – slow roasted pork shards on a bianco pizza (Yum!)
roasted 'porchetta' pizza bianco

We also sampled a couple of salads and marinated olives which were simply sensational.

The renovations to their new destination are taking a lot longer than expected and fortuitously their old location became available.  So they have set up temporary shop back at Oakhurst farm park (next to Oakhurst Spar) until Oakhurst Barn (opposite) is completed.

They have done a few touch ups and made it feel more like home.

a warm cosy space with all pictures either taken by massimo or of massimo and his family
old black and white family photos adorn the walls adding a lovely personal touch

In addition to their stunning and comprehensive range of gourmet and very unusual pizzas, they will be including daily specials of pasta, salads and desserts.

It really is very tough to choose, which is why the Sunday Endless Lunch Feast will be a real winner.

an amazing craft beer selction and nice wine list helps cheer things along (especially for mathew and blake kent seen here)

I was particularly interested in the ‘caldarroste’  (roasted chestnuts) that I heard were going to be served.  I couple of weeks back I went through a rather interesting adventure with these furry little buggers in order to make my roasted chestnut soup with fennel. I established from Massimo that the chestnuts need to be roasted over an open flame with holes in the bottom, thereby blackening them and making their shells brittle and easier to peel.

Easier to peel (compared to mine), they certainly were and this is a technique I’m going to adopt going forward.

pizzas baking in the corner wood fired pizza oven and roasted chestnuts

He served these with mulled wine, his homemade frozen limoncello & bicerin (chocolate liqueur).  Too delicious!

My only wish is that Massimo’s was a little bit closer to home.

thin based pizzas which puff up and blister beautifully in the oven

These pizzas are made with the finest “fior di latte” mozzarella and stone ground Eureka Mills flour.

Visit the Massimo’s website for more info.

  • Location
    Oakhurst Farm Park,
    Main Rd, 7806 Hout Bay, Cape Town
  • Contact Massimo’s
    Phone: 073 3901373
  • E-mail: [email protected]
  • Opening hours
    open Wednesday to Sunday
    for lunch & dinner


  1. I also attended to opening evening, likewise – it was fantastic. I had been once before last year and couldn’t wait for them to reopen. Now they have – I will definitely be there more often. The Foccacia stuffed with feta (I think) as a pre-pizza starter was also delicious. My favourite pizza of all is his roasted vegetable (which sadly we didn’t have on the night, but just another reason to go back again). As you mentioned in your post, the beer selection is really top class, I hope they have their Birra Moretti in stock next time I visit.
    The atmosphere is friendly and relaxed, Massimo & Tracy are great hosts.
    I’m recommending to everyone to go there to experience truly excellent pizza !!

  2. Sam

    Thanks for commenting and I agree, Tracy and Massimo are such great hosts

  3. Hi i think they have the best restaurant in Hout Bay their pizza is fabulous. I would make it 4 stars their pizza is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i love the chicken prints on the table.

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