dim sum at beluga

Ive been on a mission to uncover the best dim sum in Cape Town, so a stop at Beluga in Green Point to check out their newish dim sum menu was a must.

Beluga is a restaurant that has got its formula right. They seem to be constantly busy through the week and year in and year out.  Its also the restaurant I would recommend to people who are looking for a bit of energy and a fairly big variety. They have a bar that is big enough to meet friends for a drink, but small enough so that it can often feel bustling and vibey.  It used to be a favourite drinking spot of mine.  The place is also swarming with beautiful people who seem to dress a few notches up on the chic scale vs most other Cape Town restaurants. 

beluga cafe and restaurant in the foundry building in green point

But anyway I digress, I was there for the dim sum.

These beautiful Chinese dumplings which I love so much were introduced to compliment the sushi menu and offer warmer and more ‘wintery’ options. Its obvious that Asian tapas dining works really well here. What is extra cool about it is that it also falls under the same cocktail / sushi / menu and thus the same special applies.  Half price on all cocktails, sushi and dim sum every day between 12.00 and 7pm and all day on Sunday.

Its a total win.

Even if you were eating outside of these times the combination of sushi and dim sum make for a fantastic Asian tapas dining experience, and the perfect nibbly bits to accompany drinks. Dim sum goes well with red and white wine.  We drank Sauvignon blanc and Merlot. In the past I have found it goes really well with bubbly, but for me most things go well with bubbly. I like it with cocktails too.

As Beluga is a halaal friendly restaurant, there are no pork products in the kitchen. Pork is traditionally a big feature in dim sum, so the menu is not that large. There are 5 har gau (steamed dumplings) options, of which the prawn, mushroom and spring onion was my favourite.  They have 2 types of shu mai (steamed open wontons), and also a selection of deep fried wontons and pot stickers.  There are 4 kinds of Cha Siu Baau (steamed buns) including a springbok, star anise and spring onion one, but regrettably I didnt have the capacity to fit these in towards the end of the meal.

The dim sum is served with ponzu sauce, soya sauce, sweet chilli sauce and an original fresh ginger, chilli and garlic relish which added so much flavour to the dipping.

My absolute favourite of all the dim sum we ate were the lamb & sweet bbq pot stickers. Beautiful lamb flavour, and the right amount of meaty texture. I also really enjoyed all the prawn filled options.

We had a stunning time eating outside in the courtyard under heaters and our knees covered in blankets, clinging onto the last bit of al fresco dining.

Nothing makes me happier than brilliant service in a restaurant, and our waiter Vasan was simply superb.

I look forward to going back soon.

steamed dumplings, sweet chilli sauce a fresh ginger, chilli & garlic relish which added so much flavour
pot stickers (my best) and fried wontons
our superb water, vasan naidoo


tel: 021 418 2948

The Foundry, Prestwich Street, Green Point


  1. I worked at Beluga for a bit and when the dim sum menu came out we had tastings every day. We were soooo spoilt. I still feel that Beluga has the best dim sum in Cape Town, although I might be a bit biased. My favourites are the ones with cream cheese in. Absolute bliss. You were very lucky to get Vasan as a waiter, he is definitely the restaurant’s best. He was used as an example to the others.

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