the foodbarn
situated at noordhoek farm village at the base of chapmans peak

I am not really the gushy type and get irritated with those that are, so please forgive me on this occassion but I am likely to gush quite a lot.  I have been a fan, a superfan perhaps of Franck Dangereux and this dates back many years, starting with my first mind numbingly amazing meal of his I ate at La Colombe.

I bought his cook book ‘Feast’ soon after it was published and it is one of  my all time favourites. The book takes you on a journey through the seasons in his home and his restaurant, and is nothing short of an exquisite and inspiring visual celebration of food. The recipes are a combination of accessible home favourites and more complicated restaurant creations.

Franck has been at The Foodbarn since September 2006 and the thriving partnership with Pete de Bruin has seen the business expand to two premises. The second houses their successful deli and bakery, and is located across the lawn from the restaurant.

in a beautiful setting
franck dangereux
homely but sohisticated interiors

I was invited last night to attend a cooking demonstration by Franck  before experiencing their new winter menu paired with Steenberg wines. I had a slight out of body experience sitting in front of him and watching him cook and talk about food with passion coming out of ever pore. I admire his food philosophy and love his style of cooking so hung on every word (I warned you that I was going to gush).  I have attended hundreds of cooking demonstrations, and this was one of my best.

franck in action in his cookery demo area of the restaurant

 The menu:

3, 4 or 5 courses
the 4 course dinner with each being totally heavenly

 The yellowtail tartare was a symphony of textures and flavours and so fresh and included lemon, coriander, avocado, panfried praws and aoli. The grilled linefish on pissaladiere was cooked to perfection, and swimming in a delicious garlic sauce. The fillet steak was sensational with 3 kinds of pepper jus and served with a simply ‘to die for’ mash potato fritter, that I could happpily eat on its own soaked in the sauce.  Just when I thought I couldnt fit another bite in, the chocolate slice with Horlicks ice cream caused that silencing moment, where the world stops for a few seconds, and your tongue tells your brain that something incredible is going on in your mouth. 

Like many of Francks meals that I have eaten in the past, this one will stay in my memory for a long time to come.

friendly and comfortable

Check out the The Foodbarn website for more info on cooking demonstrations which take place on Wednesday evenings from 6.30pm

Noordhoek Farm Village, Village Lane, Noordhoek Telephone: +27 (0)21 789 1390      

noordhoek beach


  1. Lovely lovely lovely. The man is a food god and a genius. *jelaous*

  2. Now you’ve made me hungry Sam. I feel like driving to Noordhoek immediately and ordering the special…..

  3. Sam

    Thanks Hennie :-). You guys HAVE to go and experience this menu.

  4. >Sigh<
    I'm going to have to move now. The clinchers were the Horlick's ice cream and your unbelievable photo of Noordhoek Beach.

  5. Sam

    Hi Trish, as soon as my ice cream machine is fixed Im going to make Horlicks ice cream – I have been wanting to doit for ages and have a fab recipe.

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