kc canteen in woodstock

Tucked away at the top of Brickfield Road in amongst industrial warehouse buildings in Woodstock, and directly opposite the Upper East Side Hotel, is KC Canteen. Its short for ‘Kitchen Cowboys Canteen’ and is the home of Pete and Elize Goffe-Wood’s food enterprise.  Its the base from which they work, prep and create culinary magic.

elize goffe-wood and a herb garden growing in old wine barrels

You will know Elize from the Biscuit Mill Market, where every Saturday morning she knocks up the best streak sandwich in town, and now she has taken some of that magic and set up a fantastic weekly lunch operation, and prepares an ever changing menu of good, solid comfort food.  Expect things like: beer battered fish and chips, beef and beer pie, pork belly pie, bangers and mash etc. Its a warm and friendly place made even more homely by their lab ‘Ben’, who will want to play fetch and wag his tail with such enthusiasm you will instantly fall in love.

my new favourite dog Ben, and the chefs table inside and next to the main kitchen

I feel like a kid in a candy shop there, surrounded by all the foodie stuff. Its part test kitchen, part restaurant, part demonstration space with a bar and outside seating area. I also love the location, but then I do have a soft spot for mixed industrial retail spaces.

home to pete's kitchen cowboys
an eclectic mixed space

You can go there for lunch from Monday to Friday, rent the space out for a private dinner or attend a workshop that Pete puts together.


Its a place run by people that I really like, who make food that I really like in an edgy creative environment that I really like, so I will be going there very often.

elize in the the main kitchen
i love this kitchen
foodie heaven
daily specials, the bar area and the beef and stout pie which was simply spectacular
its not a frilly place, and elize's sense of humour shines through
there may even be a fire inside on colder days
the mussel soup with thai flavours
its what they are all about

KC Canteen – 20-22 Brickfield Road, Woodstock

tel: 021 4482433

Twitter: @kccanteen

https://www.kitchencowboys.co.za/  to check out Pete’s cooking class schedule


  1. LOVE the pics Sam, it’s such a special place and I really must pay a real visit to KC Canteen. Such genuine people!

    Mel ~*

  2. Fab post! looks like a little piece of heaven. From what I already know about their place at the Old Biscuit Mill – EVERYONE knows about those steaks rolls but hardly anyone I know has heard of this place. What a wonderful discovery! I will be heading there soon. It looks like it has the same warmth and appeal as the OBM does. yum!

  3. Sam

    Thanks Mel, as you know that Elize is quite a character 😉

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