sotano in mouille point is perfect in summer and winter

When Sotano opened its doors last year and took over the popular ‘Bravo’ location on Beach Road in Mouille Point I was delighted.  Firstly its close to where I live, and secondly they took a fantastic restaurant location and made it a whole lot better.  It has the pavement cafe vibe, and looking over the Atlantic Ocean and the pretty striped lighthouse, its a fabulous spot for sun downer cocktails.

I have also discovered that its equally as nice in winter with its very warm, cozy and chic interior.  Its the perfect place to hang out for a long lazy breakfast, lunch or supper and everything in between.  It really is an all day, any day type of place, that kind of reminds me of being on holiday. And we can all do with feeling that more often.

They have a stunning wine collection, cocktail list and very attentive staff.

However the thing that most impresses me is the menu. I love a restaurant that has me torn agonisingly between choices.  The food offered at Sotano is varied, honest, multi cultural and presented very beautifully.  They make possibly the best lamb burger I have come across. Served with generous side servings of tzatziki and hummus, and topped with big fat deep fried  onion rings. Its comfort food at its very best.

real greek salad, calamari and chorizo tapas and the best lamb burger with lashings of side goodies

I can never make up my mind to go with a selection of tapas and flat bread with dips, a big juicy burger or my all time favourite Caesars salad. I love the Lebanese influence that owner Brendon Crew has brought into the menu.

Through winter they are taking the already exciting menu on a journey to various Mediterranean regions. First there was Greece, now they are in Italy (until Sunday) and then they will go to Turkey, Morocco, Lebanon, Spain and France, but not necessarily in that order.

I told you it was like going on a holiday.

a classic caesar’s salad and a delectable seafood risotto

Sotano at La Splendida, Beach Road, Mouille Point. 021-433-1757 (almost opposite the lighthouse)


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