the beautiful holden manz wine estate

Up until recently I had never heard of Holden Manz Wine Estate in Fraschhoek. Formerly know as ‘Kleingenot’ its off the beaten track, a little out of town and tucked away up the awe inspiring Green Valley road.

Lori and I took a drive into the country last Thursday to check it out.

It was one of those Cape winter days where when it rains it pours, and the only thing you feel like doing is huddling next to a fire, drinking wine, eating delicious food and so that is exactly what we did.

Here are some of the reasons I uncovered as to why you should visit:

  1. They make award winning wines from their boutique vineyard.
  2. They have a restaurant called ‘Franschhoek Kitchen’ which is managed by one of the youngest head chefs in the country (Bjorn Dingeman), who makes food that is simple and tasty country cuisine, using locally sourced or home grown ingredients.  They are in the process of developing a vegetable garden which will sustain the restaurant 100%. On Saturdays they do breakfasts and al fresco lunches when the farmers market is on. In summer they do picnics, and on Sundays they braai.
  3. They have an exclusive guest house with a state of the art kitchen which will be back up and running from October and after the renovations.
  4. They arrange fabulous events and parties that are so out of the ordinary like, fondue nights with trivia quiz’s, and a Monsters ball for Halloween.
  5. You can get married there or plan a spectacular private party in this stunning setting.
  6. They have an art gallery.
  7. One Saturday a month they host a farmers market outside the Franschhoek kitchen selling only the best locally produced goodies and the next one is this week from 9am – 2pm. Its a perfect family outing.
  8. They have their own spa, and after my fabulous hot stone massage I can highly recommend it.

I just wish I lived a bit closer.


locally foraged porcini risotto, beef carpaccio in the dining room next to the fire
The restaurant and bar

line fish, green peas, roasted potato and tomato salsa

delicious lamb chops, onion puree, rosemary potatoes and rocket
chocolate fondant, cannoli and cheesecake for dessert
a very yummy cannoli

With so many things going on there is no excuse.

Visit their website for more details on upcoming events:

Holden Manz

its a sophisticated place
holden manz wine estate on a winters day

I look forward to visiting in summer too.



  1. aaaah, so they used to be Kleingenot? I only discovered the estate at the London International Wine fair this year when a lovely chap gave me two bottles of their red blend – they absolutley knocked my socks off! The estate looks gorgeous – I am going to have to make aplan to visit on my next trip 🙂

  2. The picture of the cannoli is stunning – makes me crave another one!
    Such a special place, a real gem. Cant wait to go back in the summer for some chilled Svb at the picnic area by the stream.

  3. Wow! You have made my mouth water. Gorgeous pics to match the lovely descriptions. I am going to make a reservation right away!

  4. Sam, these photos are spectacular! I have heard such good things, but wow, pictures speak a thousand words. Gorgeous post xxx

  5. Sam

    Thanks Linda, I was so pleased to discover it and cant wait to go back to one of the events, the farmers market and in summer for a picnic 🙂

  6. Sam

    Jeanne, do you remember who gave you the wine? What a fabulous place. They are phasing out the Kleingenot label and bringing in the Holden Manz label. Such spectacular wines. We tasted the cab, the blend, the port (superb) and the rose which I will most definitely be tucking into come summer time.

  7. Sounds like the most fabulous place, and my interest is definitely piqued by the monthly market… Beautiful photos, as always!

  8. Sam

    Thanks Pia, I’m also keen to go tot eh monthly market. A smaller one with only the best produce. Its on this Saturday.

  9. Sam

    Thanks Bjorn! I must get you a few of those seeds.

  10. Linda Jackson

    I rented a house in Franschhoek in January 2010 and came by this restaurant by accident. The food is delicious and I visited several times after that with various friends who all adored it. The staff just couldn’t do enough for their diners and we had a very warm welcome. This restaurant deserves to be successful and is up there with the best of Franschhoek.

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