kitchen cowboys by pete goffe-wood

I have known about Pete Goffe-Woods Kitchen Cowboys cookery for courses for a long time, but exclusively reserved for the masculine of the species, there has always been some mystery sorrounding what actually went down there.

A couple of weeks ago I got the opportunity to attend an evening course with PGW and check out the whole Cowboy vibe.

What a lot of fun I had.

an honorary cowboy for one night

I am not sure if the cowboys were too happy to see a sister at this event, but being terribly polite I was welcomed to the stove and to the table with open knives and wooden spoons.

Pete Goffe-Wood has been running successful cooking classes and courses for blokes for a long time. They are aimed at the guys who are already cooking enthusiasts, who are wanting to take their skill set up a notch.

There are workshops on anything from; how to bake bread, how to knock up a stunning curry meal, to advanced braai techniques. Check out the programne to see whats coming up.

pete demonstrates the dishes

It has been a very long time since I did a hands on cooking class, and this aspect  is what I enjoyed the most at KC.

everyone gets stuck in and has their own cooking station

With a a glass of wine firmly in one hand at all times, this is also a fun night out with lots of gossip.  Yes you heard me correctly, men like to gossip too.

helping is caring, and there was a lot of love going around
pete does the grilling of the meat outside

Due to time constraints, not all the dishes are cooked by the class but they get cooked simultaneously and demonstrated by Pete, so a lot of ground gets covered. On the night Pete hot smoked spatchcocked baby chicken, grilled tuna steaks and rumps of lamb.

read the recipe, taste the food as you go

The other highlight is having exclusive and direct access to the chef himself, so all questions can get asked and answered. I learned so much in just one evening.

chef in action
its a busy night
amongst the cowboys

At the end we all sit down and enjoy the meal with another glass of wine.

To find out about upcoming KC classes visit the website:

Kitchen Cowboys or check out Pete’s blog.

20 – 22 Brickfield, Woodstock

Tel: 021 448 2433


The Space that is used for the Kitchen Cowboys workshops is now open for lunch on a Mon – Fri. Check out info on that here. You can also hire it out for corporate or private cooking sessions and Pete is also available to cook / tutor in your own home.


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