the best koeksisters in cape town

Last week I was on a mission to find the best looking koeksisters in Cape Town for a TV shoot. It didn’t matter what they tasted like, but they needed to be home made looking, fat, juicy and have a beautiful golden brown colour.

After extensive scouring of all shops within my immidiate reach, I came up with very uniform, slightly too small and dark offerings.

This was simply not going to cut it for the very important close up shot that was planned for the day.

I contemplated making my own, but the time pressure I was under to produce an extraordinary amount of food prevented this. So I turned to the ever helpful Twitter to ask my fellow food friends where the best place was, and all answers came back to one place. The guy who sells them on the side of the road outside N1 City just off the N1. I read Sam Woulidge’s post on them and was convinced these were the ones I needed.

So off I trekked towards the boerewors curtain in search of Mr Arpin.

Not much has changed since Sam wrote about these delectable and very traditional South African treats, and Mr Arpin is still selling them 6 days a week in the parking lot behind the McDonalds at N1 City Mall.

The Koeksisters are crunchy on the outside and soft and melting on the inside, drenched in sugar syrup they are pretty damn perfect.

It is worthwhile giving a call before you go, as 20 years in the koeksister business, Mr Arpin has developed a very solid and regular customer base, and you want to make sure he has not sold out before you get there.

crunchy, soft and very juicy

Arno Arpin – Arpin Koeksisters: 083 737 0538

arno arpin selling his legendary koeksisters from his trailer on the parking lot
you will find mr arpin behind the McDonalds just off the N1 turn off to N1 city




  1. I have a love affair with koeksisters and thought I had already found the best. Will have to try these ones just to make 100% sure I have the best ones!

  2. Sam, I think some of these landed in my fridge…via Kristy. I’ve managed to successfully ignore them up until now, leaving them for Mr Sweet Tooth. Now that I’ve read that they are THE BEST in CT, resisting them is going to be a BIG problem!!

  3. Sam

    Fiona, sorry about that, I put mine straight into the freezer so as to resist the temptation. They really are the most fattening of foods aren’t they. A combination of fried and the sugar.

  4. Those koeksisters were almost the death of me. I used to work around the corner from N1 city.

  5. Sam

    Hila, I’m so glad they are very far from my reach :-). But sometimes one just needs a little treat.

  6. Hi. I missed mission koeksister, but looks like you found the perfect ones. Here’s to Twitter and what lies on the other side!

  7. The best koeksisters you can get in the World. They don’t just look gooood they are very goood !!!! and very tasty.

  8. Yes, the best!! BUT did you ask him about his Brandy dipped Koeksisters!
    Go early because I saw 3 cars in just 4 minutes stopping while chatting to my friend Arno.

  9. Sam

    Wow brandy dipped koeksisters. That could be fantastic!

  10. Tetica Arpin

    Hi there, these are the absolute best koeksisters you will ever taste and not just because they’re made by my father. Do yourselves all a favour and go and get some, you’ll never want from anyone else again.

  11. Sam

    Hi Tetica, please can you let your dad see the article. I didn’t get his email address. Thanks, Sam

  12. Geoff Wood

    Hey Arno, you really are famous. See you tomorrow. Geoff

  13. Hi Arno,

    I’m a semi retired guy who wants to carry on working and am looking to start/buy a small business selling South African traditional foods like Biltong, Koeksisters, Chutneys, smoked/peppered fish, relishes etc. Are you interested in talking to me? If so, please e-mail me and we will go from there (I have some ideas, and I’d love you to be a part of them!) Many thanks.

    Kind regards
    John McEwen

  14. I love the Koeksister Man (as I call him) and have never found koeksisters better than his. It is such a disappointment if I arrive at N1 city and he is not there. Even if I don’t intend buying anything! 🙂

  15. Hannelie Arpin


    I am well known in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town for selling my homemade koeksisters.
    The koeksister business started off in 1992 when we got the recipe from our late aunt Kowie Rademeyer. It was never meant to be our future job but when we started the baking of this lovely syrupy koeksisters we just kept on doing it.
    My wife, Hannelie, and I were then still in a fulltime job at the Department of Health and Welfare.
    We started off selling koeksisters at work and at the entrance of Checkers at N1 City Mall.
    We used to do all the baking in our kitchen which was not nice at all. After one year, my wife decided to resign her job and I followed her after 2 weeks. We have been working the most terrible hours – we work mostly from 1 am in the morning to 8 am six days a week and shorter hours on Sundays. When all the koeksisters has been packed in bags, I take them to N1 City where I sell the koeksisters at the robot at McDonalds and I at the robot at Barons.
    We have now been baking in our garage which was turned into a permanent bakery for the past 23 years.
    We get orders from all over and we also have monthly and weekly orders from cake shops.
    I was asked to be a guest judge for the koeksisters for the first Masterchef competition for which they used my recipe.
    When Arnold Tanzer met with me he mentioned that wherever they enquired for the best koeksisters the people sent him to me. He came from Johannesburg and we had our interview in the street at Mc Donalds.
    During the 1995 World Cup Rugby I was asked to supply koeksisters for all the games played at Newlands.
    Weekly people take koeksisters overseas to their family and friends.
    Customers are more than welcome to phone and place orders. We accept larger orders but with a deposit payable with the order.
    Tel. No 021 592 1819
    Cell No 0837370538

  16. The only real (read: best) koeksisters are Cape Malay koeksisters. Not even a contest. I’m sincerely sad for the rest of you who think this bland offering is the “best” Ag shame man.

  17. I buy from him koeksisters for many years my father in law love them. He make the best xxxx

  18. Esme Le Grange

    Do you deliver by any chance? I am in Melkbos.

  19. Sam

    HI Esme – this was a blog post about a guy selling koeksisters not the guy himself.

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