sweet potato, mushroom and chorizo hash with chilli and thyme

I love quick knock up meals, and hash is fabulous because it combines all sorts of flavours and textures in one bowl.  You can add a fried or poached egg, have this as a breakfast or brunch, or just eat it as a light supper with a salad.

I love the orange variety of sweet potatoes that are know as yams in America.

This is so easy to make and versatile. You could substitute the chorizo with bacon, the mushrooms with courgettes, potatoes or new potatoes for the sweet potatoes, or add anything else that you thought would work well (onions, peppers, spinach, asparagus etc)

Its also a good way to use up left over potatoes lying around, if you ever have such things.

Peel one large yellow sweet potato, cut into cubes and steam until just soft when prodded with a sharp knife. Drain and set aside.  thinly slice about 100gms of chorizo sausage and a punnet (250gms) of mushrooms. In a non stick frying pan fry the chorizo until the spicy oils start to seep out and the meat caramelises. Remove the sausage from the pan (leaving the oils behind) and fry the sliced mushrooms.  Add a splash of olive oil or chilli infused oil.  Add a crushed clove of garlic, fresh thyme, salt and pepper and dried chilli flakes. I like to use smoked chilli and or smoked red bell pepper to intensify the smoky flavours. Add the chorizo and sweet potatoes to the mushrooms and toss until all is coated and heated through and serve.

spicy, smoky, earthy and sweet
add a fried egg and have it for breakfast


  1. Sam, this is my kind of meal! I am totally in love with anything containing chorizo at the moment, and this meal would go brilliantly with a lovely fried egg (as you say) perched on top…for a lazy Sunday brunch. Wow!

  2. That looks so so so delicious. Spicy meat and sweet potatoes, what more could you ask for? I don’t eat eggs, so it’s perfect for me. Well, I would like it with an ice-cold beer 😉

  3. Sam

    Kristy – Oh yes a beer would be good to wash it down.

  4. Sam, can you give me this beautiful plate? No? *crestfallen face*.

    I wouldn’t mind having this lekker hash for dinner, either. Looks absolutely delicious, as always.


  5. Sam

    Thanks JA. Its a wonkiware plate and isn’t it cool 🙂

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