mzoli’s place in guguletu

mazoli's meat in guguletu

On Sunday I finally got to go to Mzoli’s place in Guguletu.  Its a butcher, come braai (barbecue) restaurant and a shebeen with a separate outside seating area. You can also bring your own drinks, and people pile in there with cooler boxes intent on spending the afternoon partying.

I went along with Elize Goffe-Wood because her husband Pete Goffe-Wood was hosting an outing for some of the chefs in Cape Town for the World Chefs Tour against Hunger.

I had a total and utter jol.

The place is packed with the the most eclectic bunch of people you will ever see. International tourist, locals, celebs, you name it they all go there.  Everyone is super friendly and I spent the  afternoon chatting to so many people who were all there just to have a good time.

The party spills out into the street next door, and there is a carnival atmosphere with most of the women glammed up in designer labels strutting their stuff.  Street vendors, resident and visitors all mingle in an organised and slightly chaotic vibe.

The music pumps all day. The drinks flow at a rapid rate.  If you forget your glasses you can buy a beer bottle that has been made into a wine glass from the vendor outside for R10.

you have got to love these bottles that have been turned around and shaped into drinking glasses


If you are a vegetarian its best if you eat before or bring your own snacks.  The menu is basically meat (which you choose and buy at the butcher), pap and a tomato and onion relish.  There is also mielie bread.

I simply cannot wait to go back.

inside and out its one big fat party
the international chefs chatting to locals and having a good time, the braai and pete and mazoli himself
its a fashion parade
pete & the chefs with some of the sponsored wine from flagstone and myself with mzoli ngcawuzele

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  1. I have been DYING to get here ever since reading about it in Jamie Oliver’s mag a year or so ago. So difficult to get there though with Tall Pall working every Sunday… but you’ve re-inspired me. x

  2. I would definitely be keen for an organised outing! Will need loads of warning to organise nanny etc as Tall Paul furiously busy at Cafe Roux on Sundays and I’m alone with The Boys. Let’s throw some dates around. x B

  3. Sammy – please let me know when you go as I am in 100% – have been wanting to go for the longest time!!!

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