the very beautiful views from the roundhouse

I was recently invited to the Roundhouse to taste their new six course menu paired with some of South Africa’s finest brandies from Distell. It was one of the most memorable meals of the year.

Visiting the Roundhouse is always a special treat.  The buildings are steeped in history,  the views are breathtakingly beautiful, the food is exquisite and the service is some of the best you will find anywhere in Cape Town.

Chefs PJ Vadas and Eric Bulpitt along with the Roundhouse sommelier have put together an exceptional menu that looks like this:

The Roundhouse Brandy Menu

Water Buffalo and Pork Belly “Saucisson” with Pistachio, Peach Chutney and Mustard

Flight of the Fish Eagle

White Bean Velouté with Sour Dough, Chicken Liver Parfait and Caramelized Pear

Oude Meester Demant

Cob with Charred Aubergine, Squid, Salmon Trout Roe and Sea Lettuce 

Collison’s White Gold + Water

Organic Celeriac Roasted in Goats Butter, Onion and Juniper Purée,

Cider Fermented Apple, Hazelnut Milk and Wild Herbs

Van Ryn’s 10 YO + Tonic Water, Short Drink


Chalmar Rib Eye with Roasted and Crudités of Beets and A Beer Purée

Klipdrift Gold + Magic Man’s Pomegranate Soup + Dry Ice

Six Textures of Felchlin Chocolate with Caramalised Bananas, Coco Nibs,

Treacle and Hazelnut Oil

 Van Ryn’s 20 YO

some of the menu

This is a totally unique eating and drinking experience and is  highly recommended. The brandies are presented in mixed drinks with the flavours specifically to chosen to match the food.

My favourite course was the  Cob with Charred Aubergine, Squid, Salmon Trout Roe and Sea Lettuce,  and possibly the best seafood dish I have ever eaten.  I have every intention of going back to eat it again.

I also loved the  Six Textures of Felchlin Chocolate with Caramalised Bananas, Coco Nibs, I mean who wouldn’t?

I loved the Klipdrift Gold and requested it to be served on its own as I feel it is best appreciated neat and without the cocktail ingredients.


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Tel +27-21-438-4347
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All food Images courtesy of The Roundhouse and Fine Brandy. By Design™

the rest of the menu



  1. Nice review Sam, the menu sounds and looks wonderful, especially the fish course — think I need go down to the Roundhouse to give it a try for myself.

  2. Sam

    Thanks K, the charred aubergine with the fish course was pretty special I must say.

  3. That chocolate and banana dessert sounds heavenly. Right up my alley!

  4. What a great evening! Had so much fun 🙂 the charred aubergine with the cob was my favourite too – utterly divine!

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