salt and fleur du cap wine paired lunch in die bergkelder

I was extremely excited about the salt and wine pairing lunch last week at Die Bergkelder. I am a salt freak and simply love the stuff.  I soon realised I had nothing on chef Craig Cormack who is an aficiando of note, and has collected and impressive 81 types of salt from all around the world out of a possible 150 or so.

The meal starts out with sampling a variety of salts each quite different from the next: (fascinating stuff)

  • Pakistani – Kala namak – volcanic salt
  • Khoisan flake salt – sea salt
  • Persian blue salt – iran – sedimentary salt
  • Black lava – volcanic lava – Hawaii
  • Murray river pink salt – estuart6y or sea salt
  • Red alea – Hawaii – volcanic  mud salt

The series of dinners take place in the historic old cellar ‘Die Bergkelder’ (which I hadn’t been in since my Hotel School wine tour way back when) on the last Thursday of every month.

Craig is currently the chef patron at Sofia’s restaurant in Somerset West, and has been pairing wine and salt for the last 4½ years.

The menu looks like this:

salmon sandwich paired with Fleur du Cap Unfiltered Sauvignon Blanc

Asian pork stir fry doused with Fleur du Cap Unfiltered Merlot.

Salt crusted linefish as a main course with Fleur du Cap’s award winning white blend, Sauvignon Blanc / Chardonnay / Semillon / Viognier

salt infused chocolate tart tempered with lemongrass ice cream with Fleur du Cap’s Platter 5-star Noble Late Harvest 

It was a very enjoyable and memorable meal paired with exquisite wines, set in a unique location.

The 4-course Fleur du Cap Unfiltered Wine and Salt pairing dinners costs R400 per person including the tasting, food and wines and begin with canapés at 19h00. Booking is essential as seats are limited. Call Nadia Ferreira at Die Bergkelder on Tel: 021-809 8025 or email  For more information on Die Bergkelder and Fleur du Cap Unfiltered wines visit

 2011 Programme: Salt and wine pairing dinners in Die Bergkelder

Thursday, 29 September

Thursday, 27 October

Thursday. 24 November


  1. Sounds delicious! And please, do tell about the salt-infused chocolate tart! While I was quick to jump on the fleur de sel caramel craze (like the rest of America? maybe the world?) I’ve never been keen on salt-chocolate pairings. I’m intrigued!

    Also, our local Farmer’s Market starts up October 1 — I still plan on getting some pictures up in the blogosphere for you!

  2. Sam

    Hi Trish, salt amplifies most things sweet and goes as well with chocolate as it does with caramel. If you like the Lindt salt chocolate you will know what I mean. I loved the chocolate torte on this dessert because it was dense and the salt worked really well. (I am a bit biased though as I am a very big fan of salt)
    Look forward to seeing your pics on the farmers market and thanks for stopping by to say hello again *waves from across the Atlantic Ocean* 🙂

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