the old manor house at nederburg

I was lucky enough to be invited to the Nederburg Auction last week to accompany my friend Melissa (aka @merlot_girl) as her plus one.  I have been wanting to attend the  most prestigious event in the South Africa wine industry since way back when I was a student. We were invited to do the lunch service whilst on our annual Hotel School wine tour to the Cape (aka total and and utter 1 week piss up party).

On that trip we also attended a private tasting with the wine  maker at the time ~ Gunther Brozel which was very memorable.  We were each given a bottle of his iconic Edelkeur, 1985 vintage, signed by the man himself and which I still have in my posession.  I remember very clearly being told that the wine would last and could be drunk on our deathbed.

I have no intention of waiting until then, however I do think its a bottle that I may just keep for sentimental reasons and perhaps donate it to the auction in a few years time. You never know it may have some value in the future.

the lovely interior design of the marquee and fabulous food stations

So going to Nederburg for the first time since then was a wonderful experience.  It was also one of the most well organised and luxurious events I have been to, with Dish Food & Social providing wall to wall creative food and slick service.  You can really see why Andrea Foulkes’ catering company has grown to be amongst the best in the country.

It was interesting to sit in on parts of the auction too and see bottles of wine going under the hammer for astronomical amounts of money.

I also particularly enjoyed the opening address by David white who is a well known wine blogger from Washington DC. His blog is called (how cool), and he wrote an interesting post on his impressions of South African wines here upon his return.

the auction hall

If you want to read up in more detail about the auction itself and the event you could check out the following good articles:

Otherwise here are a few picture to give you an impression of what it looked like on the day.

the event happened on the lawns in front of the manor house
it was the dessert buffet to end all dessert buffet's and simply spectacular with chocolate fountain and all
melissa chetty the fabulous wine fundi ~ aka @merlot_girl on twitter


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