cafe food at home by evan faull from knead

cafe food at home by evan faull

This book has been a long time in the making and finally it is here.  It’s a celebration of the success of a 5 year old family bakery business. It’s a tribute to all the staff, friends, family and customers that have made Knead bakery a institution in the neighbourhoods where they opened shop.

Knead is more than just a bakery, its a cafe. Its an environment where the production area is on show to the customers, its a theatre of food. Each of their cafes have adapted to the local environment in which they live, and its a place where regulars return time and again and where they are recognised by the Knead staff. Its a place they go to get unfussy comfort food that respects traditional methods and is made from the best of local produce.

The first inspiration for the book started 45 years ago when Eva’s grandmother Lesley Faull started Sillwood Kitchen. She published over 25 books and was dedicated to cookery education.

The book is a collaborative effort between Mark Wildish, Evans business partner and Sue Wildish who co wrote it.  It has a natural look and feel which emulates the philosophy of Knead.  Shot beautifully by Craig Fraser on film, and designed my Libby Doyle of Quivertree publications,  it captures the essence of what Knead food is all about.

Its broken into 7 chapters, starting off with ‘breaducation’ with a basic overview of artisan bread making. There is a step by step on bulk fermentation and a collection of recipes for artisan breads that are tested so that you will be able to make them in home.  Many of the processes have been demystified for the home cook.

There is a ‘store cupbpard’ chapter which has recipes that form the basic building blocks for other recipes in the book. Things like short crust pastry, whole egg mayonnaise, slow roasted pork belly and lemon ginger cordial.

There is breakfast and brunch, lunch and supper and dessert chapter which include some of the favourite meals you will find at Knead.

I cant wait to get stuck into the this book in a very big way. Its the kind of food I love to cook and its the kind of food I love to eat.

the knead bacon and egg roll, one of my favourite things
what a pleasure it was to attend one of the launch breakfasts where we got to eat some of this delicious book


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