avondale festive food and wine pairing

Well known TV chef and cook book author Sonia Cabano has teamed up with Avondale wines to create a unique food and wine tasting experience which pairs 6 South African inspired tasting samples with 6 stunning Avondale wines.

Avondale’s BioLOGIC® approach to wine- farming; a method that combines organic and biodynamic principles with modern science is perfectly suited to Sonia’s food philosophy around using the highest quality artisanal ingredients which are locally sourced.  As Sonia explains, “Beautiful wine deserves beautiful food. I have chosen South African artisan ingredients to complement and embrace the dynamic characters of these luscious wines. Like the wine, all the food is made locally by producers totally committed to their craft, using only the finest natural seasonal ingredients”.

This is what The Tasting Experience is all about:

The tasting experience begins on a high note, with the pairing of a melt-in-the-mouth mince pie with an apple and honeyed fruit mince filling, accompanied by a chilled glass of Avondale’s Methode Cap Classique, Armilla.

Anima, a lively Chenin Blanc, matches well with sweetcorn herb fritters served with a dab of nutty, Chinese Hoisin sauce.

This is followed by the pairing of refreshing white blend Cyclus with the mellow Truckles Maasdam cheese, generously rounded off with roasted pecan nuts.

The abundant perfumed berries present in Avondale’s rose, Camissa, find a balancing partner in the roast almond and ginger Wedgewood nougat.

Avondale’s elegant old world syrah, Samsara, complements the sweet smokiness of a Cape Venison kudu frikkadel, served with a hint of Hillcrest strawberry glaze.

Finally, the rich, complex flavours of a traditional South African spiced venison pie with Avondale’s flagship wine, La Luna, is a match made in heaven.

“South African cuisine is a robust melting pot of eleven different culinary traditions, each adding a distinct character to our nation’s soulful palate: Dutch, English, Scottish, French, German, Indian, Malay, Greek, Portuguese, Jewish and African. I wanted to incorporate elements of each of these influences to create a unique and truly South African taste experience. Avondale’s suite of outstanding wines was the perfect accompaniment to showcase the different flavours to perfection.” concludes Sonia.

I was lucky enough to taste these delectable samples which are simple, inspired and marry so perfectly with the Avondale wines. This is a must to include on your trip out to the Winelands this season.

sonia with nature friendly wine maker jonathan grieve and the unique pairing of 6 fabulous wines with 6 inspired festive foods

*images courtesy of Avondale Wines

The tasting experience will run from Friday 4th November until Saturday 24th December at the Avondale Estate in Paarl. The standard wine-tasting fee of R50 includes the festive tasting experience. For more information, please visit www.avondalewine.co.za

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