mullineux straw wine 2010 jelly with chicken liver pate and crispy flatbread

I tasted the 2010 Mullineaux Straw Wine at the Swartland Revolution recently and was totally blown away. Its a thick deep golden ‘nectar of the gods’ that tastes like apricots, nuts and honey.  Aside from wanting to drink every drop in my glass and then wiping it clean with my finger, I immediately wanted to dive right in and cook with it.

I tweeted about this sudden urge and got a resposne from @SoniaCabono2 who suggested I make a jelly with it and serve with foie gras.  This got my mind rolling.  I rarely eat foie gras so thought my ‘best ever chicken liver pate‘ would be the perfect solution.

A jelly maintains the integrity and flavour of the wine entirely, just changing its texture.

The salty pate smeared on a shard of crispy flat bread and a dollop of Mullineaux Straw Wine Jelly was literally a match made in heaven.

The textural combination of the crunchy, the buttery smooth and then the sweet jelly that dissolves a few seconds after its in your mouth was pretty special.

You will need 2 sheets of gelatin (thanks @neillanthony) which you soak in cold water for five minutes.  Very gently heat a cup of dessert wine.  You do not wan to bring this to the boil as the alcohol will evapourate. Squeeze out the 2 sheets of soaked gelatin and add to the warming wine and stir until it dissolves.  This happens very quickly.  Remove from the heat and pour it into a mould or small bowls to set.

For my best ever chicken liver pate recipe, click click.


  1. I am thinking of using this for our family Christmas as a snack before the mighty lunch! Heavenly.

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