the lovely anel from spit or swallow who put the event together

Last week I attended the Spit or Swallow box Wine Awards at the penthouse on Long. This was the second year of the awards and entries this year  increased from 14 bag in a box wines to a staggering 39. Over 80 Judges tasted through this year’s line-up with only one aim at hand, to find the best red and best white box wine in South Africa.

Everyone who attended the event had the opportunity to judge the wines. The judging panel was a nice mix of esteemed wine critics and experts, everyday wine drinkers and members of the media.

As my friends Hennie and Maggie from  put it, it was a public service duty to judge these awards.

What made this competition different from any wine competition in the world was the scoring system that was used. The popular social media website, Twitter, was used to record and calculate all the scores submitted on the evening, a definite first in the world. All 39 box wines were scored blindly out of 10. Everyone who attended the event’s twitter handles were registered and all that the judges had to do is tweet their scores @boxwineawards. This live method of scoring provided people from across South Africa and the world with the opportunity to follow the event online and see exactly which boxes were in the lead.

I’m not going to lie and say I enjoyed many of these wines, because I didn’t, but there definitely were a couple that I could have sipped on.

This year Robertson Winery Sauvignon Blanc was awarded the best White Box Wine in South Africa and Drostdy-hof Merlot 2010 walked away with the title for best Red. These were not in fact the 2 that I liked, but hey this is a popularity contest.

You can check out all the results here:

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  1. Ah yes… I have to agree about the winning wines – I can’t say that they actually stood out for me. What DID stand out for me was how incredibly bad some of the reds were. Black Box from Swartland was 2 years in a row so bad that I struggled to find words – last year the nose reminded me of the kind of vomit smell you get when you’ve had too much Amarula. This year the one (I think it was the Merlot) smelled like a baby’s dirty nappy. Its the first time in my life that I gagged after nosing a wine. I couldn’t bring myself to taste it.

    Box wine is certainly not a category that SA is excelling in!

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