cape town festival of beer 2011

Last Week end was the second Cape Town Festival of Beer and saw the event expand to over 100 beers on show. Its South Africa’s biggest beer expo that has the micro and mega breweries happily co habiting under one tent. It is a brilliant opportunity to get acquainted with the unusual, the new and the perhaps forgotten. Its also a massive amount of fun.  With many fabulous food stalls around, live music throughout the event and ample space to wonder around, its impossible not to have a really good time.

And a good time is exactly what I had.

I started my day off with a beer tasting arranged by Dax aka Relax with Dax . He’s the guy in the picture above with his head in the skull.  He is also a very funny guy.  Anyway the tasting was a Slow Mother City event and we got to taste beers from 4 breweries presented by the respective brewers: SAB, Paulaner, Triggerfish and Devils Peak. These guys are doing amazing things.

We then walked around tasting samples of a plethora of different beers, and as an occassional beer drinker I found it hard to find my favourite.  Many tasted very good but according to my friend Martin Tucker (one of the organisers who can be found @mrtuckbox on Twitter), the way to really rate a beer is by how many you can drink.  So if you find a beer that flows down easily making you just want more, that is a good beer.

These are a few of the beers that I tasted, that made me want more:

  • Paulaner – Weiss (I’v drunk dozens of this before)
  • Darling Brew – Bone Crusher (with hints of orange and coriander)
  • Pete Goffe-Wood – Black River Ale (only launched last week and available at KC Canteen)
  • Triggerfish – Bonito (has a trace of buchu in it)

I also tasted a few very interesting beers.  One with tequila (refreshing), one with blueberries (delicious) and a Christmas beer (aromatic).  Who knew.

I landed up staying late into the night having a jolly good time.  This is an event that I never want to miss.

To see all the pictures visit my Drizzle and Dip facebook page


  1. Nice review Sammy, I’ve shared it on the Slow Food MC Facebook page…

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