perfect french pastries fresh from your oven

Have you ever wanted to wake up to the freshest, lightest French pastries without having to get in your car and drive or walk to the nearest artisan bakery? Yes I thought so. Unless you live above or around the corner from such a bakery, its always going to be a schlepp.

Now all you have to do is stumble into your kitchen, turn on your oven, open the freezer, place these on a tray and bake for 20 minutes.  While this is going on you can get your coffee brewing, wipe the sleep out your eyes or even jump through a shower.

frozen pastries

Voila! Perfect French style light, buttery and warm flaky pastries.

A friend recently introduced me to this stunning range of products which are now available in Pick n Pay stores under their ‘Finest’ range.

freezer to oven pastries

The Chocolate twists are ridiculously delicious with custard and chocolate chips twisted inside flaky pastry.

The range:

  • Pain Au Chocolate
  • Chocolate Twists
  • Butter Croissants 
  • Mini Sweet Selection

Also perfect for a breakfast of brunch party.


PS: (you will find these in the freezer section of Pick n Pay near the ice cream)

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