a stunning lunch at delaire graff

lunch at delaire graff estate

The last time I had been to Delaire was before the place had undergone its gigantic metamorphosis and acquired the Graff part to its name and was a very rustic wine farm with the most spectacular view.  I was completely blown away when I went their for lunch with friends a couple of weeks ago.

I didn’t know that John Platter was the previous owner and changed the name from Avontuur to Delaire Estate in 1982.  Laurence Graff then took it over in 2003 and started the 6 year development into what it is today. The buildings are housed in amongst the most beautiful gardens which I also didn’t know were designed by famous horticulturalist Keith Kirsten.

A spectacular art collection is dotted around the estate and in possibly the most impressive wine cellar and tasting lounge in the Cape. This leads into the Delaire Graff restaurant where we had lunch on the terrace on a perfect Sunday afternoon.

The view is nothing short of breathtaking.

On my way in I popped my nose into the kitchen (as I like to do) and was warmly greeted by Christiaan Campbell the executive chef, who gave me a quick tour of his small but super organised working space.

An exceptional lunch followed, wine flowed and all delivered by friendly well trained staff that made us feel like royalty.

This is definitely a restaurant that falls under my category of ‘a beautiful location’.

Now all I want to do is go there again (and again) and stay in the 5 star boutique hotel, loll around in my private pool, lounge around in the spa, and eat in their second restaurant Indochine.

A girl can dream.

view from delaire graff restaurant

All pictures taken with my Canon PowerShot G12 camera  camera and more can be seen on my Drizzle and Dip facebook page

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