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Anyone who knows me, knows how much I simply adore picnics. If you have known me for a while, you would also know that I have arranged many an anti Valentines day picnic on Clifton 2nd beach.  It has always been my thing.

When I say anti, I am not against the day of love per se, I’m just against the whole ‘over priced special menu’s’ that many restaurants charge for the privilege of eating in their establishment for one day of the year.

If you are single, dining out on V day can be a bit depressing.  Restaurants packed with tables of two’s and happy couples gazing into each others eye’s reminding you that you are not one of them, does not make for a fabulous night out.

I am also against roses on this day.  Its a long story, but over priced flowers that have been pre bought and stock piled to meet consumers demand and which wilt within 24 hours is not my thing. I have always briefed past boyfriends to not buy me flowers on this day, and to rather choose any other day for them.

What is a fabulous, and in my opinion the most romantic way to spend Valentines day is with a picnic.  Whether you watch the sunset on the beach, visit a beautiful park or set if up in your back yard, nothing is more intimate for me then sharing a basket full of goodies with someone you love. Or even just someone you like a lot.

The Picnic Company are all about creating delectable baskets for any occasion and I am giving away two of their High Tea picnic’s for 2 people for Valentines day. Each picnic includes a bottle of bubbly for the lucky couple (value: R350).

All you have to do to win this prize is  go to their website and see what wonderful stuff they do, and let me know how many set picnic menu’s (including the High Tea one) they offer, and then leave a comment in my comment section as to why you deserve this basket on the day of love.  Get those answers to me by Monday midday (Cape Town only).


Finger Sandwiches of…

Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese

Black Forest Ham and Emmentaler Cheese

Mini Gruyere and Leek Tartlets 

Mini Asparagus Tartlets 

Cocktail Cajun Chicken, Avocado and Rocket Wraps 

Mini Carrot Loaf Cake with Mascarpone Frosting 

Petit Raspberry Tarts 

Duo Cake Bites 

Homemade Nougat 

Still Waters 

Packaged: in a large green box

Includes: wooden cheeseboards, wooden cutlery sets, serviettes, wet wipes, toothpicks and seasoning

high tea picnic for 2 from the picnic company


  1. Carolyn Pleass

    The Picnic Company offers 6 different picnic menu
    I totally deserve to win this hamper as it will be the first time in a veeery long time that I will be eating something not prepared by me!!
    I bake every evening, after I get home from my day job and get my 2.5 year old daughter into bed. I get a chance to sit down when I am driving, and if I get a chance to grab a quick dinner (cooked by me!)
    This picnic menu sounds absolutley heavenly plus, I will get a chance to actually sit down!!

  2. Hi
    There are 6 menu options
    I deserve the picnic basket for V day because my husband (bless him!), sure as God made little green apples and picnic baskets, is not going to remember to buy anything and I am needing a spoiling!

  3. There are six options.

    I would love to win this – not at all because of the Valentine’s Day factor (I find it rather silly that we should take note of our loved ones on this particular day more than any other day), but rather because the menu sounds delicious and the ‘Duo Cake Bites’ make me incredibly curious!

    Love your site by the way 🙂

  4. RichardAtUCT

    They have 6 different picnics.
    My girlfriend and I always fight over who is going to cook meals (both of us want to cook believe it or not!)
    It will give us both the opportunity to just chill out and enjoy ourselves instead of both slaving away in the kitchen. Kim is also a huge fan of bubbly, something I can’t normally afford to get her.

  5. Well, there are six different picnic “menus” offered, and my husband actually deserves this more than me. He’s been gone for the past few weeks on a military training exercise and arrives home February 14. He’s definitely due for some pampering of the tasty variety!



  6. The picnic company offers 6 mouthwatering delicious picnics. Oh my word, i wouldn’t know which one to choose! Never did a picnic, cause we never had the time. Kids, both tods and teens can be very demanding. So Valentine’s day is a shared occasion in our household. So if I could choose, the Cbeebies picnic would be a hit with the 3year old madame. Dad would eat anything just to keep the little miss content and so would I! Fingers crossed xxx

  7. The Picnic Company has 6 amazing picnic menus.

    I would like to win this because I am single and really find this whole Valentine’s Day frenzy rather depressing and love your article about this day! I need to be loved everyday! I also live KwaZulu Natal and there are no companies that offer such an interesting assortment of menus. Just the thought of eating one of these menus make me feel rather special!

  8. Mark Mohr

    Six Menu’s on offer.

    This is a leap year Valentines day, which means that the day must be sorted by the lady ! My wife is so super busy and awesome that it will be a struggle for her to do…so it is up to problem at all but this will make it so much easier to spoil my amazing wife !!!

  9. There are six menu options:-)

    My boyfriend has just informed me that as it’s a leap year, I am now responsible for all Valentine’s Day romanticness. Bit late notice, and what with me having spent all my loose change on that loaf of bread last week there’s my budget blown for the month. I’m left with two options now: win this incredible picnic and forever cement my status as a legend among plan-making girlfriends, or figure out something ultra-romantic to do with the aforementioned loaf of bread (which will probably be kinda stale by then). So if I don’t win this picnic, I ask that you at least give me some romantic stale bread recipes that I can attempt to salvage Tuesday with. If I do win, then we can have the picnic on Signal Hill and feed the stale bread to the guinea fowl, so really it’s a win for everybody.

  10. Julie Carter

    6 menu options but they will create a customized menu if requested.

  11. There are 6 different picnic menu’s.

    My wife and I already decided we wanted to do a quiet Valentine’s dinner at home, once we’ve put the kids to bed. It would be great not to have to prepare the dinner, so a prepared picnic basket will be a nice surprise 🙂


  12. Sam

    Ah Sandi, this is only open to those living in Cape Town, sorry 🙁

  13. There are six options.

    I would like to win one of these picnic baskets because its going to be the first Valentines I’m celebrating since my girlfriend passed away 3 years ago. It also turns out that its my first relationship with a guy. Yes, I’m gay. And I don’t know how else to surprise him with something as lovely as this.

    Everyone deserves something/someone special this Valentines Day. I just hope that I’m one of the lucky two that gets picked. Wishing everyone else the best of luck…


  14. Lorien Amy

    There are 6 picnic menu options. They all look delicious. I wish there was a vegetarian option as my boyfriend is a veggie. But I eat meat and love the tasty morsels on the menu. It would be so nice to relax on the lawn in the moonlight after my kids are in bed and nibble on yummy things.


  15. The Picnic Company offers 6 set menu

    My boyfriend and I both love being outdoors and of course we love food so I can’t think of anything better than a delicious picnic set out under a tree looking out over a beautiful place like Kirstenbosch. I think I deserve this picnic on Valentines day because my picnic making skills are non-existent and I think my boyfriend is tiring of the shop bought meatballs,. chips and dip (I know that I am!)

  16. The answer is six.

    I would just love to win this because there is absolutely nothing like a romantic picnic, and (to be honest) I am yet to have one with my boyfriend! I have recently bought my first home so making up a decadent picnic like this one is not an option unless we talking provita’s a bovril 🙂 Holding thumbs, thanks for competition Sam x

  17. Customers can choose from no less than SIX set menu picnic options, on offer from the picnic company! This Valentines Day, three won’t be a crowd when my Love, the High Tea Picnic Basket and I trail off into the sunset, to celebrate fortuity and romance, in stylish simplicity!

  18. There are six set picnic menus.
    I’d love to win this prize because sharing meals with my love is one way of expressing our love. We recently moved in together, and we attempt 2 or 3 new recipes a week, some turning out great and some we have to laugh off instead! 🙂 This Valentines Day we decided to skip the time together in the kitchen and rather picnic in our garden, so we can just focus on each other and enjoy little bits of yumminess. So this prize would be the perfect addition, or rather centrepiece of our evening together!

  19. Sam

    Hi Heather Congrats you are one of the winners, I will forward your details to the organisers to get you your picnic tomorrow. Thanks for entering

  20. Sam

    Hi Richard Congrats you are one of the winners, I will forward your details to the organisers to get you your picnic tomorrow. Thanks for entering

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