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Last year I was approached by the guys at Name Your Hood  to give commentary on one of the city Neighbourhoods that was being renamed. It got me thinking that you can be quite familiar with a lot of areas in your home town, but its only when you live in a particular suburb for a long time do you get to truly know it.

Its your local Chinese take out, your favourite food shop for a particular ingredient and the place you go back to time and again because you always find what you like.

I have this knowledge about Sea Point.

I decided to compile a list of places that I tend to go to in this strange eclectic suburb that I live in.  It is purely subjective and does not include any mainstream food retailers here.  I shop at them all.

Whilst I was walking down the Main Road taking pictures of ‘my places’ I realised how many new spots had opened up that I hadn’t notices before. You tend to notice things differently on foot, so this list is by no means conclusive of the best of the best in Sea Point, but as a creature of habit these are the food places I can recommend.

From Glengariff to Victoria Road, here goes…..

buzbey grill

I havent eaten here in ages but it was always good. It comes highly recommended by foodie friends whose opinion I admire, so I decided to include it on the list. Any restaurant that has lasted this long and is still going strong must be doing something right. Great for steaks.

my local chinese

There are a lot of Chinese take outs in Sea Point and Xiang Yuan is my favourite so far. They run awesome specials and do reasonable, made on the premises dim sum.

spice in the city

Spice in the City is a new spice shop on Main Road, in the Adelphi Center. Owned by a fabulous Indian Irish women from Dublin, its worth just popping past for a chat.  They also stock a limited range of fresh herbs to add to your curry.

montagu fruit and nuts

Opposite the Adelphi Center is Montagu. They sell a large selection of dried fruit and nuts at very reasonable prices.  You will also find other confectionary such a as nougat and chocolate.

italian ice cream

Venezia is an Italian Gelateria conveniently open late at night if you have an urge for an ice cream.

my favourite falafel joint

This is the place I stop at if I want to buy one of my all time favourite street foods, falafel in pita. Packed with salad, tahini and tzatziki, I like to think of this as a slightly healthier fast food option.


I used to work for Nando’s so I know that their food is of a high standard and I can tweak some of the items to make them even healthier. I am not a big fan of fast (junk) food, but here I can order grilled skinless chicken in a spicy sauce with low fat mayonnaise. I can hold the mayo and substitute the chips for coleslaw or salad, making this a very tasty take away treat.

a good local indian restaurant

Kebab Mehal is a good local Indian restaurant that has been around for years.  Featuring dishes from all around India, they do a wicked prawn curry.

a new independent fruit and veg supermarket

Spring fruit and veg deli is a new independent shop which has recently opened.  Personal attention from the owners as you hunt down perfect specimens is what I like.

a good pizza pasta restaurant

Posticino has been in Sea Point forever and is a really popular and pleasant pizza pasta eatery.

la boheme le bruixa for spanish style tapas

La Boheme and La Bruixa are now merged and this is a really fabulous pavement bistro and wine bar.  Perfect for a few glasses and tapas or choose off their a la carte menu.  They run wildly popular specials of two course meals for around R100.

maz sushi

If you don’t feel like travelling far and wide and and need a sushi fix, Maz is nice.

asian spice supermarket

Asian Spice Supermarket diagonally opposite St Johns Piazza is my new favourite local Asian supermarket. Although the shop is very small, they seem to have a little bit of everything including fresh tofu and Asian greens. The very friendly owner and staff make shopping here a total pleasure.


Sababa, located above Woolies in the St Johns Piazza Centre is a brilliant shop for ready made Middle Eastern inspired food.  Each time I walk past this tiny shop with its tiny kitchen, I am amazed that the spread of delicious bakes and meals on display were all made on the premises.

for good fish and chips take aways

A well knows Cape Town fishmonger and fish and chip shop, Texies is opposite St Johns Piazza.

sinnfull ice cream emporium

Sinnfull Ice cream Emporium for a decadent locally made ice cream.

la perla

La Perla, one of the jewells in the Sea Point crown, is a restaurant that has been here amongst the longest. Its an institution in Cape Town, owned and run by the second generation of Sandri’s. The interior has been updated and they specialise in top end Italian and Seafood dishes. Extremely popular with locals and tourists alike, you feel momentarily transported to Continental Europe when eating there. They have a lovely outside patio, which is perfect for al fresco dining (or drinking) in summer.

new york bagels and deli

Probably the deli I go to most in Sea Point as its very close to where I live.  They make the best bagels in Cape Town. I also love their bagel chips and bagel pizza.

thai take away

I quite like Tom Yum for their Phad Thai and other Thai take aways. Its a little ‘hole in the wall’ restaurant that is also quite nice to pop into for a quick bite.

the fabulous la mouette

One of my favourite restaurants in Cape Town, La Mouette offers brilliant fine dining tasting  menus at affordable prices. Its lovely to sit in their courtyard in summer or get cosily ensconced next to a fireplace inside in winter.  The menu changes with the seasons and if you haven’t been yet, I highly recommend that you go.

my favourite shop in sea point

Blink is not a food shop, but its my favourite home-ware shop featuring the biggest collection of WonkiWare so I simply had to include it here.  After all you have to eat your food off something right?

oceans edge seafood deli

Oceans Edge seafood deli is my favourite fishmonger in Sea Point.  A neat and immaculately clean shop sells fresh and frozen fish with staff on hand to prepare it as you require.

Do you have any special places in Sea Point that I have missed?  I would love to hear about them.

where I frequently go for long walks


  1. Nice list – Love La Boheme. Tom Yum has amazing Duck pancakes.

    I really don’t like Sinful ice-cream though. I think they use too much fat in their ice cream – it kind of sticks to my palate.

    One place I do love (thats not on your list ) is Cafe Sofia. They make amazing french toast with honey 🙂

    Ps – There is a cute, new bakery in the St John Piazza, I see they now have macaroons. Need to try them.

  2. Sam

    Thanks! I have seen that little bakery but haven’t tried yet. I’m quite fussy about my baked products. Agree on the duck pancakes (forgot about that). S

  3. That’s a great list of Sea Point favourites. Not sure I’d agree with all of them though…

    Where is the Spring fruit & veg deli?

  4. Sam

    Hi Dax. I’m eager to know of other places that people recommend. Spring is just past Nando’s as you travel away from town. Same side of the road.

  5. Beatrice

    Hi Sam

    I love your blog. I am visiting Cape Town twice a year and I appreciate your tips and your recipes a lot.

    Greetings from Switzerland

  6. Sam

    Thanks Beatrice and glad you are finding it useful.

  7. Thanks for this Sam! I would love for you to try Make sushi, they are opposite the St Johns piazza, their sushi is great and reasonably priced. The Macaroons in the new bake shop are not made by them, they are outsourced. I have not tried them yet, but their brownies are good. Posti’s is a great choice, best pasta & pizza in CT. Sababa does amazing platters for functions.

  8. Hi Sam what a wonderful comprehensive list, you should actually submit this to the Tourist Department in Cape Town & i am sure tourists to the “Mother City” will so appreciate this. Take Care

  9. Lovely post Sam. It should be compulsory for every food blogger to do the same for their hood. Catching up on your blog, and also spied the passion fruit curd! My granadilla’s are now dropping at a rate of 5 per day down from the 15 when you visited! Still… enough to make your recipe. x

  10. Sam

    Hi Bern, great idea then we can gain intimate knowledge about each others home suburbs. Welcome back by the way and hope you had an awesome trip.
    The granadilla curd is a fabulous way to use up the fruit.

  11. Hi Sam,lovely post. Maz has since closed down. Was a favourite sushi haunt of mine. Jack really delivered the best sushi in Sea Point. Will miss it!

  12. Since Maz closed I have tried Asia Empire (50 Main Road) for sushi it is great and all you can eat for R99.

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