quails eggs cooked in rooibos with crispy bacon and mixed leaves

The lovely earthy flavour of the Rooibos tea gently flavoured these quails eggs which went so well with mixed leaves, crispy bacon bits and toasted pine nuts.

The idea behind this came from one of my favourite Cape Town chefs, Franck Dangereaux from The Foodbarn. I tweeted asking him what awesome thing I could do with quails eggs and one of his suggestions was to marble them in Rooibos tea.  So I decided to brew a pot of very strong Rooibos Espresso and I boiled the eggs in that (about 5 minutes to hard). I then gently cracked them all over by rolling them on the counter top and let them sit in the tea until it cooled as was the instruction.

When I peeled them the marbling hadn’t penetrated the membrane immediately under the egg which was a little dissapointing, so I just re-soaked the peeled eggs in the strong tea until they had turned a lovely brown colour and absorbed the flavour.

So these were not exactly poached out of the shell, but I think since I recently ‘properly’ poached my first quails egg, this is something to try.

Egg and bacon = a marriage in heaven. I drizzled over my favourite vinaigrette and scattered over a few toasted pine nuts which I always have on hand stored in my freezer.

I wanted to pair this with an interesting salt, so sprinkled on my Hawaiian Red Alae Salt which is mild in flavour, pink in colour and is rich in minerals from the clay where it originates.

i'm having so much fun with my wonderful selection of gourmet salts from all over the world

The other awesome ideas Franck suggested was to fry them in cayenne pepper, or poach them in red wine. So those will be parked at the back of my mind for future experimentation.

In the past I have enjoyed them simply hard boiled and dipped into celery salt.

a tasty salad that will do well as a dinner party starter to impress



  1. This reminds me of Chinese tea eggs where the eggs are steeped in black tea, soy sauce and five spice.

  2. love the eggs, very clever, I’m nicking that idea soon. lol

  3. Sam

    Hi Ryan, Fab! Thanks for a lovely lunch yesterday.

  4. A beautiful combination of ingredients! I should eat more lentils,
    this salad would be a great way to add them to my diet.

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