rock shandy with vodka, cucumber and mint

a rock shandy cocktail with vodka, cucumber and mint

Nothing beats a rock shandy to quench thirst and refresh. Add a splash of vodka, freshly sliced cucumber and mint, and you have a fabulous and easy cocktail that pretty much goes with anything.

This is the perfect drink for me because I don’t like sweet cocktails and I love the taste of bitters. I use  Sprite Zero as I try and eliminate all sugar from my liquid diet.

Fill a tumbler with loads of ice. Add a shot of vodka. Fill up the glass with half soda water and half  lemonade (or Sprite / Sprite Zero). Add a few slices of cucumber to the glass which looks really pretty as it slides done the side.  Lightly bruise a sprig or two of fresh mint leaves and add this to the glass. Top with a few drops of Angostura bitters until the drink starts to turn a lovely pale pink colour.


perfectly refreshing, not too sweet

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