Another year and another successful Good Food & Wine Show at the CTICC in Cape Town. This years event was very similar to past years with a plethora of food and beverage stands promoting their products. It was my impression that there were possibly fewer in total than past years, but with so much on the go, it always feels like the show is action-packed.

As I walked out just after 10 am yesterday morning and as the gates were just opening, the queues outside were an indicator that the public seem to have an insatiable appetite for all things culinary.

You can pretty much expect what you always get here, a lot of food to sample, loads of wine to taste and a few new products to see.

One of the highlights for me is always the chefs and the food theatre’s and there are many. This years line up of international celebrity chefs included: Valentine Warner, Buddy Valastro, Reza Mahammad, Ariana Bundy, Whitney Miller and Mister Maker from CBeebies was out to entertain the kids.

There is also an impressive line-up of local food talent to keep you entertained including; Pete Goffe-Wood, Abigail Donnelly, Bertus Basson and Jenny Morris – who do demonstrations throughout the event. You just need to check the full line-up and time your visit accordingly.

When I go I am always on the hunt for all things delicious and preferably new and delicious. As a frequent visitor to the markets I am very familiar with most of the local artisan producers and many of them are at the show.

These were a few of the new products that were a highlight for me:

Tea forte is a range of extraordinary tea in the most exquisite packaging. Seriously, this has to be the most beautiful looking tea bag in the world. It is a pyramid design which provides space in the ‘bag’ for the leaves to expand and properly infuse with the water. Where the teabag is no longer the soggy part of the tea making process that you have to squeeze and throw away but where it is an integral part of the ceremony. Genius. I just want one in each flavour. This range of teas brought to you by fine-food distributor Sagrafoods also includes some of the most innovative and beautiful tea accessories I have ever seen. Individual tea brewing systems (more about this later), loose leaf tea infuser, ceramic and glass tea-pot sets and the stunning tea-over-ice system that takes iced tea to a whole new level. As a tea geek, I was mesmerised by this brand and everything tea that they are doing.

Bradley Smoker.  As a person mildly obsessed with smoked foods and having previously started a small cold-smoked food business I can fully appreciate how awesome these all-in-one cold and hot smoking systems are. If you don’t get to the show to see first hand what they are all about, visit their website. Based in Durban KZN, these can be shipped anywhere in the country. The systems which include (or can be bought separately) smoke generators, accommodate a range of pure smoking bisquettes in previously unavailable wood varieties such as maple, hickory and peacan. I’m holding thumbs that my book sells well so I can get my hands on one of these.

Beluga Creations Molecular Gastronomy Kit. A little bit of wow here for me. ‘Molecular gastronomy is a moderns style of cooking that combines food and science to take advantage of chemical and physical transformations for visually stunning and creative dishes’. These kits include a few ingredients and utensils to help the home cook turn food into spheres, flavoured caviar, hot gelatins, foams and airs. I so want one of these. Check out: for more info.

 Aubergine snapsticks (aka ‘biltong’) from ‘By nature’ and Mediterranean Delicacies new artichoke dip are 2 new products that I have recently sampled and which I find quite innovative and delicious. Both are available at the show.

You can check out all the photos from in and around the event on my Facebook page.


  1. I like that molecular gastronomy kit. Do you have any idea re the cost? I don’t get why someone has a website for their product, but don’t tell anyone what they can expect to pay.

  2. Sam

    Hi Hennie that is bad. The little brochure I picked up indicates that the starter kit is R695, but I am sure she told me a different price (lower) at the show. email:

  3. Hi Sam, just discovered your site and I am addicted already!! I hope you got to sample the empanadas that were launched at the show. Absolutely delicious! They can be ordered and on line and will delivered to your door. The only problem is I cant remember the address but will let you know once I locate it. Keep up the great work.

  4. Sam

    Thank you Cheryl and unfortunately I did not see these empanadas. I hope to find and taste them too as I do love a good empanada. Thanks for the info.

  5. Koos Botha

    Hi Sammy,

    Sorry to say, after going to Good Food and Wine 2012, its a total waste of R130(R95 + R35parking). For me this will be the last year! The reason is simple…I have a choice of 3 Good Food and Wine shows every Saturday: Biscuit Mill, Hout Bay and Stellenbosch. And I dont have to shell out R135 to get in the door. Some advice to the organizers: “Take your show to Koekenaap, there they dont have Biscuit Mill, Hout Bay and Stellenbosch”. When the Maserati is the highlight at a Food and Wine show….?

  6. Sam

    Hey Koos, great to hear form you. For me the highlight is the chefs and all the food theatres (if you are into that sort of thing).
    S 🙂

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