My good friend John was in London last week and visited Borough Market which is one of my all time favourite places to go to when I visit that city. Since I am stuck in wintery Cape Town at the moment with no fabulous international holiday’s planned in my near future, I asked him if I could share his fab photos on Drizzle and Dip. Its nice for us to get a glimpse of places we wish we could go to. Right?

When John is not being a top notch corporate bean counter, he can be found having the most amount of fun all over Cape Town (and the world). He is currently my unofficial / official plus one when I need a date or dinner partner, and I’m trying to get him to tweet more @John_McMo. Thanks for sharing your snaps and being my first photographic guest blogger.

In case you were wondering what Jonh looks like – hes the guy on the left hand side in the pic below with his two fellow market explorers. He shot these with his iPhone 4S and did all the editing on the phone. Hes clever like that.


  1. this looks absolutely like my idea of heaven!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Snap! I was there last week too and also went to Monmouth Coffee Shop. I took my Mum who is out from Ifafa, Natal and staying with me for six months. We went to Brindisa for tapas afterwards and she finally got to taste Jamon Serrano at the ripe old age of 70. It wasn’t a sunny day 🙁 so my snaps didn’t come out very well – also on my iPhone 4 – as the market was quite dark. These are inspirational and I must use my phone camera and Instagram better!

  3. Sam

    Melanie, I’m sure John will enjoy your comment. The iPhone takes such nice pics and you have all the image editing software right on your phone. Happy snapping!

  4. I used to go to Borough market so often when I lived in london – so so wish I could just pop over right now 🙂

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