First up I have to confess that I am not a coffee drinker. It’s not because I don’t like coffee, I do. The taste of a good coffee is very pleasant. I can even go so far as to say I love the deep aroma it gives off when it’s brewed, and I thoroughly enjoy hanging out in coffee shops with the strong smells of roasted beans wafting around.

When I’m in Italy I drink coffee all the time …but that is whole other story.

I don’t like the effect it has on my body, so when I do drink it I will order a decaf cappuccino.

having said that, I do love the flavour of coffee in other foods like desserts, cakes, ice cream and chocolate. Rich, comforting and deeply aromatic, it really is a fantastic ingredient to cook and bake with.

I wanted to develop a recipe using Cafe Enrista pure coffee sachet’s and thought a popsicle would be a wonderful and easy dessert snack to bring out at the next dinner party. In order to make the ice particles freeze to an acceptable smooth texture, I added condensed milk. The milk solids and the sugar dissolved into the coffee to form a decadent frozen coffee dessert. Who wouldn’t like a frothy cappuccino with silky condensed milk?

I made versions of these popsicles using fresh cream on top, and others using condensed milk. Both were lovely and gave them a nice creamy edge.

The coffee / cappuccino / condensed milk mix was so tasty I poured it into a shallow metal dish and scraped out lovely granita crystals. Serve these in small glasses as a fabulous alternative to round off a meal.

The cool thing about Enrista is that the coffee creamer and sugar are already added, so each sachet is an instant cafe fix.

To make this recipe I used

  • 1 sachet Enrista Cappuccino
  • 1 sachet Enrista strong coffee (or 2 sachets of Cappuccino)
  • 250ml (1 cup) boiling water
  • 60ml (1/4 cup) condensed milk

** NB – I have only made this recipe using these exact ingredients and so do not know how it will work out using brewed coffee and condensed milk. The condensed milk top doesn freeze solid, I just used it for effect. Cream works better.

Pour all of the above ingredients into a jug and mix to dissolve. You essentially need 1 cup of fairly strong milky coffee. Allow to cool. Pour the mixture into small shot glasses (as I did) or popsicle molds. Place in the freezer to partially set (the time will depend on how big your popsicles are). Remove and top with either fresh whipped cream, or condensed mill (optional) and place a stick in the middle.  Return them to the freezer and leave until they are frozen solid. When you are ready to serve, briefly dunk them into a bowl of warm water and pull them out of the molds *if they are sticky, insert a sharp knife down the inner edge to help loosen it.

And / or pour the coffee mixture into a freezer proof tray (I prefer using metal) until frozen solid. Using a fork, scrape the ice to render small crystal chunks and serve straight away.


Enrista cappuccino is now also available in decaf.


  1. gabriella

    beautiful! i also drink decaf because the regular coffee has a weird – hyper – effect on me. will try it shortly!!

  2. Your recipes inspire me Sam. Can’t wait to meet you on Sunday 😉

  3. Anne the Sconess

    Those look fantastic – perfect summer treat. I can’t find Enrista Cappuccino in Florida. Is it available here? If not, can I just make a good strong coffee in my coffee press and let it cool to room temperature?

  4. Sam

    Hi Anne, if you cant find Enrista, then make strongish milky coffee, add the condensed milk.It needs to be fairly sweet in order to freeze to a nice texture.

  5. These look fabulous. I was wondering if you had tried them with just regular brewed milky sweet coffee, and how they turned out? If you haven’t tried them like that, any thoughts on how they would be?

  6. Sam

    Hi Leela, if you made strong milky coffee these will work out well. I liked the Ensrista as it had the milk powder and sugar in the sachet, but you could just make your own.

  7. I found your website via pinterst. I have to say those look so delicious! I love coffee, and I’ll def. have to try these. I love cooking/baking and trying new stuff but my freezer is so small to fit anything than the regular stuff. I guess I’ll have to sacrafice something to make these :).

  8. Sam

    Hi Vanessa and thanks, They are very small so don’t take up too much space.

  9. I’m unable to comment a single word without scrolling up and down to gaze at your pictures. I’m a coffee lover and you’ve made my day.

  10. Sam

    Thank you so much Jayanthi, I am so glad you enjoy 🙂

  11. Hey!! This recipe looked amazing so I decided to try it but had some trouble. First off, I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to use condensed, or sweetened condensed milk because the recipe didn’t verify, but I doesn’t really matter anyway because where I live (USA) you can only find sweetened condensed. I put two shots of espresso int the popsicle molds and put them in the freezer for a bit so that the milk wouldn’t mix. Then I poured the sweetened condensed milk on top. after aprox 24 hours I tried one of the the pops only to find that the sweetened milk had not frozen! Do you know what went wrong here?

  12. Sam

    Hi Molly. I added the condensed milk (sweetened) to the coffee as per the recipe and used pre mix cappucino sachets – so this contanined milk products etc. Condensed milk wont freeze solidly, but if you look at the picture it was just to create a small top. The cream works better. This recipe is actually more of an ideas one unless you can get hold of the exact product I used. You do nbeed to have some sugar in the popsicle otherwise it will be too solid. and fat helps too (aka the condensed milk).
    Im sorry this didnt work out.

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