baked Camembert with crispy bacon and peppers

I essentially spend a large part of my life cooking, eating, baking, eating out and shopping for food, so I have decided to start a regular feature on Drizzle and Dip where I round up some of the delicious things I find along the way.

Everything you see here has been personally experienced by me, loved by me, or things that I find interesting or beautiful. All in some way linked to food and drink of course.

*my recipe of the week was my baked Camembert dip with crispy bacon and peppers as pictured above. Blissfully sinful winter comfort food.


Micheal Olivier and Sue Barber are putting on another fabulous cooking class next week, and this is the perfect thing to cosy up to in the middle of winter.


Colcacchio (prononced col-cak-io) unveiled the next celebrity pizza in their series. A delectable lamb and pear creation by Chris Erasmus from La Motte.  His Liplekker Ribbetjie is a bechamel base infused with roasted garlic and rosemary, topped with mozzarella, smoked and braised lamb soutribbetjie, caramelised onion, pears poached in port, fresh rocket and a sprinkling of rosemary salt. 

I loved it!

Colcachio really know how to make gourmet, fine-dining cuisine so accessible.

They also announced the winner of the pizza challenge:  Jessica Comninos who goes on to be the Celebrity Chef for August.  Her Liu Loren Pizza combines a tomato base, mozzarella, Asian-marinated chicken, oven caramelised apricots and fresh thyme, with a topping of spring onion, fresh coriander and a drizzle of honey soy and orange reduction.

I was disappointed that I my pizza didn’t win * inserts a smiley face here*, but after tasting this outstanding creation, I will need to lift my game considerably if they ever do another pizza competition.

Colcachio celebrity pizza challenge

Kinga and Michael from Colcachio with Chris Erasmus, Jessica and Benny – who was the surprise guest judge.


I’ve just finished my 5 week stint as a judge for the V & A Waterfront Masters of the Trade Route Culinary Challenge. I was invited to judge 7 of the participating restaurants fusion dishes. What an interesting time its been. Apart from eating some amazing meals (as well as a few very average ones), it has been fun to go to the Waterfront so often and really feel like a tourist in my own town.

The judging is over but the challenge is still on until the 31st August where diners will have the opportunity to enjoy these fusion dishes and vote at the restaurant or on the V&A Facebook page, to determine the Peoples’ Choice Award.

This is the delicious spice rack the organisers gave me for participating in the event. I have it open on my desk to allow the wonderful spice fragrance to permeate my home. I wish you could smell how lovely it is.


It was announced this week that entries are open for a new cooking show to be produced for SABC2 called Dinner Diva’s. Open to any diva or divo who writes a food blog in South Africa, it looks set to become a very exciting new feature on the culinary TV landscape.

More about this later……


I thoroughly enjoyed reading this article called: ‘Farewell vegetarians, all hail the vegivore‘ by Xanthe Clay from the Telegraph UK.

“Vegetables have changed. Where once “Eat your greens!” was a threat, now it’s positively alluring.’

‘Unlike vegetarians and vegans (described by Anthony Bourdain, the maverick American chef and writer, as the “Hizbollah-like splinter faction” of vegetarianism), the Vegivore does not restrict his or her diet. Vegivores don’t hate meat – far from it – they just love vegetables.’

I love how I now have a name for what I am, a vegivore – omnivore.

Vegetables seem to be very popular on Drizzle and Dip where this old post called : ‘vegetables on the side is now ranked as my 3rd biggest post. Next week I get busy with a broccoli.

vegetables on the side





If you haven’t already noticed Gibson’s Gourmet Burger & Ribs you should check it out. A new venture by the Slick Restaurant Group who own and manage Balduccis and Belthazar in the V & A waterfront.

They do a crowd-pleasing range of gourmet, 100% beef, flame grilled burgers plus delectably sticky ribs.

Heres a little video about what goes into their burgers.


I am now proudly a bona fide, card carrying member of the Slow Food International Association. The Cape Town chapter of this organisation put on some amazing events.

Two exciting upcoming events are:

  1. An ice cream tasting at the Creamery on 26 July 2012
  2. An outing to Buffalo Ridge Farm and Dairy – 4 Aug 2012
Having recently tasted their delectable cheese, Im super keen to attend this event.
Don’t you want to just give this buffalo a hug?


Once again time is not on my side as I eagerly await the arrival of  my book. The ship is scheduled to dock in Cape Town harbour on Sunday, thereafter I will have to endure a few torturous days as it clears customs. Hopefully next week I will have more information and links about my launch and where to buy my book.

In the meantime happy eating and please don’t forget to share anything incredible that you find.

Sam x

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I look forward to connecting with you again in the future.

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