Jackie Cameron

A few months ago I was hired to work on a truly fabulous shoot for Opulent Living Magazine. I got to meet and see a few of my favourite chefs in action as they came to the Foodcorp 7th Floor to have their portrait taken and cook their featured dish.

The portraits and dishes of all the the 12 chefs can be seen in  Opulent Living Number 6

What an honour and a pleasure it was for me to work with photographer Fiona Macpherson who took all the incredible shots.

Florian, the creative director of Opulent Magazine had a very specific style for the food in mind which involved complex lighting set ups. The results were sensational.

Check out the behind the scenes video of the shoot

* PS You may also recognise Margot Janse’s Beetroot sponge recipe which was featured last week on Masterchef SA.

Richard Carstens from Tokara

Michael Broughton from Terroir

Luke Dale-Roberts from The Test Kitchen



  1. That video was fascinating. I wish it was longer. It was quite a dramatic shoot with atmospheric photos. That food was hard to decipher – such creativity.

  2. Love the post and the shoot looked amazing. Well done Sammie!

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