So tomorrow I make my first radio ‘appearance’ on RSG at 8am. I will be talking about this recipe from my new cookbook with Nina Timm from My Easy Cooking.

Nina is one of the first food bloggers I met when I started writing Drizzle and Dip two and a half years ago and when I was just the ‘new kid on the block‘. Nina at that stage was well established in South Africa and her blog has been ranked amongst the biggest in the country  for many years. She has always been so kind and helpful to me, and is well loved in our food community.

Nina is known to her listeners as ‘Kuberkok’ (cyberchef) and presents a cooking radio slot on RSG every Thursday morning at 9am just after the news.

I’m so delighted that Nina has asked me onto her show.

I chose this recipe because it is one of my favourites, its completely original, and most importantly is very easy. It uses only 3 ingredients that complement each other so perfectly.

Tune into 100-104FM or listen online here at 8am on Thursday 26th July. This is an earlier time slot than Nina’s normal time of 9am. Please don’t laugh as I attempt to speak Afrikaans.

The recipe as it appears on page 100 of my cookbook:

apricots stuffed with goats cheese and wrapped in bacon

My book has arrived in Cape Town and will start rolling out into stores from the end of this week. I am besides myself with excitement and I cannot wait to see it on the shelf.

I have put up my Eat the Book website which I will keep updated on where to buy my book going forward.

Eat the Book is an imprint of Drizzle and Dip (PTY) Ltd, a company established to publish books and digital content for people who love food.


  1. I love this suggestion. The photos are making me hungry. This look gorgeous and the combination is so perfect.

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