1. Rudi,
    you are the best chef, not only in SA but much further!

    Congratulations to your nomination. We knew it all the time: you stand out and beat them all. And it is not only your superior quality as a cook, but also your personality. You know what the people want even before they know themselves.

    We appreciate your personality for many years and admire your skill and dedication. Living in Johannesburg (Springs to be exactly) it was easy to enjoy your talents at the Saxon but we still feel it’s worthwhile to travel to Cape Town to enjoy your created delights!

    Please stay in the food industry for as long as possible and pass as much as possible on to the next generation under your control.

    Lots of love and compliments on your achievement

    from Norbert & Claudia
    (the german couple from Springs)

  2. Sam

    HI Norbert & Claudia, I will pass on the comments to Rudi. They appeared imbedded in his picture and not on my blog post.

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