Gordon Ramsay, the world famous chef with a foul mouth has recently launched a new cookbook, Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Cookery CourseIt accompanies his TV series of the same name, which I hope at some stage will reach our TV’s here in South Africa.

He’s also been working with Checkers, and more specifically the Checkers butchery, putting their meat to the test.

They are proud to announce their affiliation with one of the worlds toughest critics. You can Check out the TV ad

Checkers has worked hard to improve their premium meat range and the South African giant’s partnership with Ramsay, who currently holds 12 Michelin stars, demonstrates the confidence they have in their offer. The decision to use Ramsay was backed by research to find the most credible food critic in the eyes of the public’.

I’m a fan of the man and his approachable teaching style, so am happy to be giving away a SIGNED copy of this book to one lucky person.

All you need to do is……..

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Leave a comment below with what your favourite cut of meat is.

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Twitter : I just entered to win a copy of Gordon Ramsay’s book ‘Ultimate Cookery Course’
do the same here: Drizzle & Dip #RamsayRatesCheckers

Facebook: I just entered to win a copy of Gordon Ramsay’s book ‘Ultimate Cookery Course’
do the same here: Drizzle & Dip #RamsayRatesCheckers

Its that easy and the more you share the more entries you have in the mix. The winner will selected by a computer generated program.

This giveaway closes at midnight on the 23 of October 2012

*South Africa only*

THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED – congratulations to Megan Pascoe for winning this prize via random.org  number generator.



  1. Nina Du Plessis

    Fillet Fillet Fillet ~ medium rare of course (:

  2. Vickie Gibson

    Might be boring but I love a good, rare fillet steak 🙂

  3. Heavens, Sam ! What an amazing giveaway. I started watching this series last night and have fallen head over heels in love with it. I’m cooking the first recipe that he makes of the series tonight, in fact. The pork chops with red onion and red peppers (he does give it a fancier name). My favourite meat is pork belly. It’s such a decadent treat. I cooked one for the first time last week and it came out beautifully. Such a spoil.

  4. Hi Sammie – done & shortened the Tweet to: I just entered 2 win a copy of Gordon Ramsay’s cookbook ‘Ultimate Cookery Course’ Do the same here: Drizzle & Dip” xxx

  5. Sarah Lombard

    I must say I have taken a liking to rump tail..so much you can do with it with a bit of creativity!

  6. Pork fillet (preferablly stuffed with apples and then rolled, covered in pancetta and roasted)…. YUM

  7. Pork neck steaks. Most tender and tasty mmm mmm mmm

  8. Rib-eye is where the flavour’s at 🙂 And versatile too.

  9. I really love sticky spare ribs or a pork roast that I have turned into pulled pork by cooking it low and slow for 8 hours in a thick, comforting sauce

  10. Elize Botha

    My favourite cut of meat is brisket.I Love it! 🙂

  11. OMgreatness… Beep BEEEEEp Beeep… as Gordon would say… I would love to invite old Gordon into my Kitchen. My favorite cut, (not sure if its a cut exactly), is a good well sized Lamb shank. Putting that in the oven on a Loow low temperature for 5 good hours, and then watching peoples faces as it melts in their mouths, well that for me is just Bliss! 🙂

  12. Susan Geyer

    Firstly, may I just say how nice it is as a food blog addict to enter a competition that says “South Africa only”!! 😀 It’s always “USA only”. My favourite cut of meat is Fillet, and don’t overcook it!

  13. Laurence

    There are too many and depends on the occasion. Ribeye – tasty. Fillet tartare….

  14. RichardAtUCT

    I’m a huge fan of wet aged, top cut sirloin. A good cut just has so much more flavour than any of the other cuts of beef.

  15. I love Pork Belly strips (in a sweet and sour sauce)

  16. Hmmmm….. to cook with probably bacon it is just so versatile
    To eat a nice “boud tjoppie” from the braai.. yum yum

  17. Cannot beat a great piece of tender fillet steak 🙂

  18. My favorites are rib eye and hanger steak when I can find it…. love Gordon Ramsay too : )

  19. Me! Me! Pick me!!
    Favourite cut of meat is a nice, juicy rib-eye. Mmmmmm…..

    Shared on Twitter…holding thumbs. His Ramsayness is my absolute favourite favourite.

  20. Candice Milstein

    Beef fillet! 😀 My boyfriend loves experimenting in the kitchen so I’m so excited to be entering this!

  21. Geraldine R Kaye

    My favourite piece of meat is definately pork ribs. Its yummy yummy and finger licking good.

  22. Geraldine R Kaye

    Shared on facebook- Geraldine R Kaye and on twitter @angel_gerryk. Would love to win this book to learn how to cook properly, my culernary skills are not so good at the moment.

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