bacon, blue cheese and avo baguette


I simply love the combination of bacon, blue cheese and avo on a sandwich. I add slices of cucumber to add freshness and crunch.

bacon, blue cheese and avo baguette

bacon. blue cheese and avo baguette

It’s all about using the best ingredients you can. Here I used Richard Bosman’s honey bacon which I bought from FFMM. I love the Simonsberg Simonzola, a creamy Italian-style blue veined cheese which is a wonderful local cheese if you can’t get hold of Gorgonzola.

Avos are in season, so are perfect to add to salads and sandwiches now and offset the saltiness of the bacon and the cheese. The cucumber adds freshness and crunch.

I also enjoy a  good mature Cheddar with the above combination of flavours, so I made one of each.

bacon, blue cheese and avo baguette

bacon, blue cheese and avo baguette

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  1. Mmmmm, this made me hungry! Gorgeous!

  2. hello and thanks Anina 🙂

  3. One of my fav como as well. Easy and quick 🙂

  4. You have photographed these so beautifully that I can almost taste the bacon. Delicious!

  5. HI Suzanne, I do try in this regard 🙂

  6. Thanks Kiran 🙂

  7. You inspired me, I did Baguettes with pastrami, avo and cheddar this weekend – delicious!

  8. Hi where can i find the baguettes? Sorry I found some at Stater bros but they didn’t look like these and where hard as rocks.

  9. sheer awesomeness……not big on sandwiches, this is a keeping

  10. Thanks Dena

  11. This really looks so good. Sandwiches are really good stomach fillers because you can go simple or crazy with the ingredients. There is no limit or specific instructions you need to stick to. Just add in what you love and you are good to go! So, thank you for this recipe! I definitely love it!

  12. thanks for the kind words on my sandwich

  13. I’m trying this soon! yum

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