I essentially spend a large part of my life cooking, eating, baking, visiting restaurants and shopping for food, so I have decided to start a regular feature on Drizzle and Dip where I round-up some of the delicious things I find along the way.

Everything you see here has been personally experienced by me, loved by me, or things that I find interesting or beautiful. All in some way linked to food and drink of course.


In case you have not yet seen or heard, the Kitchen Aid brand have launched into the South African market a range of the most spectacular gadgets and utensils. All of these come in their iconic red, and are nothing short of exquisite.

I am very fortunate to have been given a set of these beauties to test out which I am slowly unpacking and integrating into my kitchen.

The one item which I have been using and loving for a while is the rolling pin. It has to be the best rolling pin ever made. Its heavy and solid, taking some effort out of the rolling process. It has a non stick surface which stays freakily cool, making it ideal for pastry making. Its ergonomically designed with a smooth rolling mechanism, and handles made of silicone whis are comfortable to grip

You just need to look at and then pick up any of these utensil up to know they are made to the highest quality standards. Solid, heavy and highly durable. The other part I simply love is they all have holes built into their design, so they can all be hung up. I am already trying to figure out a way to build a hanging rack in my kitchen to accommodate them.

Available on Yuppiechef and in various other good food shops.


Avondale have just launched their Festive pairing for 2012, and like last years selection, this year its a cracker. The menu has been devised by Reuben Riffell and includes 6 tasting portions which compliment 6 Avondale wines beautifully.

The wines are wonderful to taste on their own, but tasting them alongside these delicious morsels makes it all the more special. The Festive pairings is available on the estate from now through until the 31st of January, and its advisable to book. The cost is R100 for this, which is well worth every single cent.

This is what to expect:

  • The Tasting begins with Salmon Pastrami, Apple Raisin Chutney and Crème Fraiche, accompanied by a glass of the effervescent Armilla Méthode Cap Classique

  • This is followed with Avondale’s vibrant Chenin Blanc Anima, paired with Duck Confit Pots, Pistachios and Pickled Glazed Cherries

  • Avondale’s Viognier blend Cyclus marries well with Caramelized Peaches, Manchego Cheese, Walnuts and Watercress

  • Avondale’s Camissa rosé is served with Light Curry Fried Potted Prawns served with Toast

  • Avondale’s Syrah Samsara is paired with Piquoillo Pepper and Onion Jam with Peppered Seared Aged Beef, Aioli and Rocket

  • And finally, Avondale’s signature red blend La Luna partners with Venison Pie, Parsnip and White Chocolate


As we head down the final stretch towards Christmas, bookshops suddenly see an onslaught of new cook book titles on their shelves. This makes me feel rather daunted considering my cook book is out amongst them all.

There are so many amazing books this year to choose from and I am currently satisfying my addiction with these:

Simple & Delicious – Recipes from the heart, by my friend and fellow South African food blogger Alida Ryder. We both wrote our books around the same time and hers, like mine has been written styled and shot by herself. She is a very talented young cook, and her book is physical manifestation of her lovely blog Simply Delicious. All her recipes are exactly what she is all about, unfussy food that is always easy to execute and is guaranteed to be packed with flavour. Her book is also available in Afrikaans.

I’m also tucking ton the Sunday Times Food weekly cookbook, by Hilary Biller, which celebrates the food supplement with the same name turning one. They have selected their best recipes from this time and created a lovely and very affordable book. My friend Michael Olivier wrote a piece about it here.

I’ve just started reading Gordon Ramsay’s – Ultimate Cookery Course which is from his latest TV series on Channel Four. I can’t wait for this to hit our screens. I heard that gone are the days when these big shot TV chefs give away the recipe on the show, they now all produce cookbooks which you need to buy in order to get them. I for one keep a pen and notepad next to the couch so I can jot down any incredible recipes I see, so I’m not sure I love this new trend.

I’m very excited about the book –Lessons with Liam by Liam Tomlin which has just been launched. The book is photographed by Russell Smith, and its one I will be using for the rest of my life. But more about that soon.


Col’cachio have recently launched the pizza Foro. This basically means a pizza with a hole in it. Each of the pizzas in the range contains 515 calories or less with lower saturated fat content and served with a crunchy salad in the middle, its a fabulous offering if you are watching your consumption. This way you can have your pizza and eat it.


Gourmet Boerie has just opened in town on the corner of Kloof Street and Buitensingal. Its home the the proudly South Africa gourmet boerewors roll. They have taken this iconic South African hot dog and created a delicious range of toppings. Check out their menu to see what I’m talking about.

I went to the launch party on Saturday night and tasted a few ‘slider’ versions of the boerie rolls and I will definitely be back for the full offering. With fast casual dining, a bar and shared bench seating, I can see this is going to become quite a popular hangout for locals and tourists alike.

oh, and let me not forget to mention, they do sweet potato fries.


A few months ago I decided to start a Tumblr blog as a way to showcase my images. Sort of like a gallery of my food photography. I’m still not 100% up to speed with how things work over there, but I have discovered a few amazing and inspiring sites. One of these is Jen Pelkers site. Jen is Tumblr’s ‘food evangalist’ and she posts amazing images with links about all sorts of wonderful things connected to food.

One link I discovered on her site was this short video about a guy called Joel Bukiewicz who is a writer turned knife- maker in Brooklyn NYC. His business and brand is called Cut Brooklyn, and his whole philosophy on work, creativity and dedication to your craft is one which totally resonates with me. I find this very inspiring so I wanted to share.


This week is the Cape Town Festival of Beer and if it is anything like the last 2 years, it is going to be awesome. Its taking place this weekend on the 23rd, 24th and 25th of November at Hamilton’s Rugby Club, and you can check out what I wrote about last years event.

This festival celebrates brewing heritage and craft from around the world and features almost 150 brands. Its one big beer party.

Expect over 50 breweries – both international and local – and a limited edition of beers brewed just for the Festival! Also, learn more about the appreciation of artisanal beer and perfect food choices to pair with each brew.

This year the Cape Town Festival of Beer will be bringing you guided beer tours with experts to ensure you get the most out of your experience. Let your guide take you around while you meet the brewers and sample a variety of beers, watch home brewing demonstrations and participate in blind tastings. And if that’s not enough there will also be beer judging, workshops, a beer pong tournament and the highly anticipated Beerlympics.

I’m giving away 4 sets of double tickets to either the Friday or the Sunday. Please leave a comment below and give a reason why I should give you a ticket to this fun-filled event.

Entries close on midnight on Wednesday 21 November.

Tickets are R90 from www.webtickets.co.za or R100 at the door.

Visit www.capetownfestivalofbeer.co.za for more information or follow them on Facebook or Twitter @CTFestofBeer


  1. Hi Sam,

    I would dearly love a double ticket to the Cape Town Festival of Beer! My appreciation for this yeasty beverage knows no bounds and I see the festival as the perfect platform to exercise my adoration.

    Yours in hops and barley,


  2. @LA_Harding

    I’d love a pair of tickets because after a loooooong year of very trying clients, wedding planning, planning 3 bachelorettes, a baby shower, and still managing to get healthy and lose 7 kg’s and complete the Impi Challenge, and the awful realisation that I only have one free weekend to relax until February, I would very much like to spend Friday evening with an ice cold beer in my hand. Maybe one in each hand….

  3. marjolaine

    Hi Sam!
    Hopefully I will win so that I can visit this amazing festival with my half german boyfriend – who need to learn South Africa does more than just seriously compete with Germany when it comes to beer!

  4. Stephanie

    My husband and I would love to learn more about beers. It would be so nice if I could suprise him with tickets! What a fun day it will be in the perfect summer’s day!

  5. Ah sammy! I’d give anything for these tickets. Hubs is desperate to go, but with one thing and another, we never do (and end-of-the-month-salticrax? we’re there.) It would be the perfect activity for a summers day, and a lovely surprise for my long-suffering husband 🙂

  6. Sammy, experiencing different tastes of beers around South Africa n the the world would be amazing. I have friends who still think drinking beer is degrading for girls, I wanna take them through the journey of making a beer and they see why it is recommended as less fatty n healthier than other alcohol drinks

  7. Sharika Jaga

    I would love a ticket to the Cape Town Beer Festival! I have never been and have only ever heard good things about it! I LOVE BEER, especially craft beer therefore would like to go and taste and learn more about it!

    Fingers crossed that I get lucky!

  8. If I had known about the CTFOB sooner I wouldn’t be on here grovelling for tickets. But alas, I was in the dark and payday won’t be here in time. There aren’t many things in this world I love more than beer. Put me in an area with a wide array of different beers and I’m like a kid in a candy store. I’ll even sacrifice work on Monday by making the most of the experience on Sunday. So please, let me in on the fun! 🙂

  9. Justin de Jager

    I am a very competitive beer bong olympian ! I feel the challenge at this years Cape Town Festival of Beer will be at its highest quality of competitors .. And up for a challenge ! Plus I seriously enjoy beer 🙂
    Cheers *clink*

  10. Hi Sam, I should get a pair of tickets because I’m a real craft beer enthusiast. I was part of the University of Stellenbosch’s brewing team last year. We competed in the SAB Beer Intervarsity and our porter came third at the competition. I also brew my own beer at home. So I want to go to the Cape Town Festival of Beer as a learning experience as well as it being a fun day out. I hope you agree with me!?

  11. First I’m a lover of beer. I will be in heaven should I win. Secondly the “lost love” of my life will be joining me after an absence of ova two years this weekend supper excited so it will be more than great if I can spend some qaulity time with the two big loves of my live

  12. Had twins, started them on the bottle last week. Wanna go out, just the hubby and i like old times and have fun. Where better to do it than at CTFOB.

  13. Hi Sam, we would love to get tickets to the Beer Festival. Not only are we beer lovers (I am half-German!!) – for my birthday I received a hamper of different beers from all over the world which has increased our appreciation of the humble hops, malts, yeast, et al. And of course we would also love to meet you there!

  14. Nadine Roets

    Hi Sam, I have read the other comments and I really think I should get the tickets as you would be saving me a lot of trouble. My husband is desperate to make his own beer and in my head all I can see it a lot of cost in buying the equipment and a lot of cleaning up – which will inevitably fall on me. Oh and then the disappointment when it doesn’t turn out the way he thought it would! Imagine buckets of frothing foaming mess in my garage – please help. Rather let me take him to the festival and let him discover his favourite and then I can buy that for him.

  15. Neil Basson

    I would really LOVE to attend the festival this weekend because i care about supporting local craft breweries…because real beer doesn’t contain chemicals like silicone and ammonia…i care about words like NATURAL and FRESH…I DRINK CRAFT BEER 🙂

  16. Monique vT

    That time of the month has arrived where I’ll be living on 2min noodles and canned tuna. Too scared to look at my bank account and hoping my petrol lasts till pay day. So please save me from having a very unpleasant weekend. Instead I will be able to fill my stomach with all kinds of beer and have an amazing experience with friends. Sunday please!

  17. Sam

    The winners of the 4 tickets are: Eatwithaspoon, Tabisa, Dirk and Monique. Please mail me: slinsell (@) gmail dot com – so I can pass on all your details to the organisers to issue your tickets. Congratulations!

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