Sometimes I wonder if I over use certain ingredients on this blog. Like goats cheese. Drizzle and Dip is practically a shrine to the stuff, its hard to believe that about 10 years ago I couldn't bear it. Food is like love for me, when I fall, I often fall quite hard and get a bit carried away. Goats cheese or chevre is one one of those things that I am head over heels in love with and any excuse I can find to use it I do. Like here: with dukkah baked pears and honey stuffed into apricots, wrapped in bacon and roasted with slow roasted tomatoes in a salad rolled into truffels with honey in the middle and rolled in pistachios in a salad with roasted new potatoes and rocket with grilled peaches, parma ham and a raspberry vinaigrette with Norwegian salmon and one of the best salads ever with home made pickled beetroot on a flatbread with zucchini and beetroot in a salad with watermelon, cress and vodka You see what I mean? If you read my stuff, you will also know I hate waste. As a professional food stylist I often have a lot of leftover food from shoots which I always try to incorporate into a recipe here. This lovely goats cheese was from one of those shoots. It was imported from France and I had it in my freezer for ages so it needed to be used. By the way, in case you didn't know, you can freeze cheese. It doesnt always thaw back to its original texture, but the taste is fine and I find it perfect to cook with it.

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