Crumbed chicken breast with herbs, lemon and Parmesan

New potato salad with dill and lemon

One of the downsides of being a foodbloger, and living on my own, is I rarely get to re-make some of my old favourite recipes. I am always trying to do new ones to blog about, and sometimes I feel a little sad about this. Also, since there is no family to feed, and I hate wasting food, one recipe normally gets eaten over a few days which then limits variety in my week of eating.

The other night I just wanted a crispy crumbed chicken breast, and what better recipe than Ina Garten’s chicken Parmesan which I have blogged about before. Its quick and easy to put together and in this variation, I used less Parmesan (only about 1/4 cup) and added the zest of a lemon to the crumbs. It was divine.

I made a warm potato salad to go with it, and used finely chopped dill and lemon zest, instead of my previous variation of mint and lemon. The creme fraiche lightens the salad up and the dill and lemon give it a burst of flavour. I have also made it with a bunch of sliced spring onions and smoked red bell pepper – which sadly is a product that is no longer available because I was the only one who made it.

Recipe | serves 4

  • 700gms new potatoes
  • 250gm tub of creme fraiche
  • 1/4 cup or 4 T good quality mayonnaise (you could easily make your own)
  • zest from 1 lemon – about 1 T
  • juice from half a lemon
  • 2 T finely chopped dill
  • sea salt and a generous grinding of black pepper

Boil the potatoes until just done and drain. Mix all the other ingredients together and toss through the potatoes. Serve this either warm (allow the potatoes to cool slightly after boiling) or cold.

While the potatoes are on the boil, make the crumbed chicken breasts and supper is sorted.

*tip ~ The chicken breasts make a fabulous burger, served on a soft whole wheat roll, with mayo and loads of crispy lettuce.

Have a happy week end x

New potato salad with dill and lemon

Crumbed chicken breast with herbs, lemon and Parmesan

I look forward to connecting with you again in the future.

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  1. Yikes, this looks so SO delicious, I am simply going to have to make this for dinner one evening. Your photos are so gorgeous, I can almost smell the dill in the potato salad and taste the crispy crumbed chicken… really fabulous work!

  2. So simple, so delicious. We love crumbed chicken breast. It seems to be just what we want to eat when nothing else sounds good 🙂

  3. Oh, I understand how it is to be living on your own and having to eat all the food for days. I wish I was your housemate or neighbor then I could help you finish up the food so you could cook more! What I do is share my creations (if they were successful) with my workmates. Fortunately they haven’t (yet) tired of me feeding them!

  4. That looks like a comforting meal…I can taste that potato salad! Yes, it’s so true about with food blogging. Sometimes we don’t get back to some of those favorite recipes we blogged about because we’re always looking for something we haven’t made before. Luv your lighting and compositions!

    Have a great weekend!!

  5. Wow, that looks pretty amazing! I love a good crispy chicken and that potato salad sounds just about perfect. I do kow what you mean on ot remaking most of the recipes… I have the same, always on the lookout for new things!

  6. Sam

    Hi Simone, I also try and cook without worrying about blogging. Like I used to. Just from my heart, every now and again.

  7. Sam

    I sometimes wonder Cristina, if I will be blogging forever. Do you? It feels like it is such a big part of my life. I wonder how long we will all last lol.

  8. Sam

    Dolly, my neighbors are very happy with me 🙂 (and a few friends)

  9. I know exactly what you mean about hating waste, good on you for doing what you can to avoid it! And if this is the result of repeating recipes, then by all means, because this looks like a DREAM.

  10. Liz Thomas

    “smoked red bell pepper – which sadly is a product that is no longer available because I was the only one who made it.”

    You smoked the red pepper yourself? This sounds interesting but I cannot find it on your blog anywhere. Did you do this commercially.

    I must go and look in the freezer, I hope that we haven’t eaten the last of the chicken breasts — I fancy something simple like this tonight.

    Hope you’re having a good weekend.


  11. Sam

    HI Liz, yes, I started a small artisan cold smoking business called ‘The Smoking Shed’ with a friend a few years ago, and for various reasons we were not able to keep it up. We smoked everything from chili, to salt to dried red bell peppers, butter, cheese and tuna. We even smoked chocolate. I am planning on building my own small cold smoker for my own use. I cant live without this amazing method of preserving food.

  12. Sam

    Thanks Yvonne, I much prefer new pots to normal pots, so much more flavour and lower in GI 🙂

  13. Liz Thomas

    We have a cold smoker and dabble in it from time to time. It’s a stainless stand alone unit with a firebox which slides in and out so you can hot smoke too — and for ultra cold smoke in this hot climate we also put bags of ice on the horizontal “chimney” of the smoke box. Works a treat. A friend who is a chef in a French restaurant here had one and he loaned it to us to have it copied.

    Have a friend with a small commercial enterprize in the UK and his latest is smoked water — kid you now, apparently Heston’s using it! It’s being marketed through Halen Mon, the Anglesey sea salt company.

    Good luck on building your own — I’d be happy to send you photos of our one if you’d like?

    (Didn’t find the chicken breasts last night, must have eaten them!)


  14. I am first in line if u ever make the smoked red pepper flakes again… I lived for that stuff and eked it out as much as I could

  15. Oh my. my mouth just watered! I LOVE Dill and also schnitzels so this meal is up my alley. I am going to make this but with eggplant schnitzels (vegetarian!)

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