great northern hotel london

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Great Northern Hotel London

The Great Northern Hotel is not like any other hotel. Aside from being one of the finest luxury boutique hotels in London, it has an extraordinary location. It literally sits within the Western concourse of Kings Cross station, metres away from St Pancras International, and above the intersection of six London underground lines. It simply does not get more convenient than that.

Great Northern Hotel London

Great Northern Hotel London

Great Northern Hotel London

Great Northern Hotel London

Great Northern Hotel London

Great Northern Hotel London

Kings cross Station

The hotel first opened its doors in 1854 and was one of the iconic structures designed by the great Victorian architect Lewis Cubitt.  The building was left empty for many years and has now been magnificently renovated into what it is today.

I arrived via the Picaddilly line, rolled my (very heavy) suitcase up the escalator and directly into this exquisitely decorated hotel, suddenly separated from the hustle and bustle of a very busy Station. I was ridiculously thrilled to have been invited to stay in one of the ninety-one luxury rooms with ceiling to floor windows and hand crafted furnishings for a night while I was in  London last week.

There are a few other fabulous things going on there. The hotel offers Free Wi-Fi to all its guests, 500 thread count cotton linen and a convenient refreshment room at the end of every corridor where you can make a cup of tea, a proper cup of coffee, read the newspapers or help yourself to a slice of fresh cake of the day.

The GNH bar downstairs is a trendy meeting spot for after work drinks with a DJ to create a vibe, and I regretted not having the time to stop for a cocktail.

Great Northern Hotel London

I also regretted not having the opportunity to dine in the restaurant Plum + Spilt Milk and sample one of chef Mark Sargeant’s delicious sounding  dishes. The restaurant is one of the most impressive rooms I have seen in a while, with exquisite light finishings, and I felt like I could have been in Paris. Masses of natural light with views onto the face brick of St Pancras, it’s the kind of restaurant you just want to hang out in. My breakfast of Eggs Benedict and tea, was utterly perfect.

Great Northern Hotel London

Great Northern Hotel London

Great Northern Hotel London

I am more of a visual storyteller, so hopefully I have captured the essence of this truly unique pocket of luxury in London. And in case you were wondering, great lengths have been taken to sound proof the building, so expect a perfect nights sleep.

If you don’t get a chance to stay, but happen to be in the area, check out he KIOSK which is a hole in the wall gourmet take out. Buy a hugely generous hot roast meat sandwich in artisan bread, beautifully packaged for your travels.

Great Northern Hotel London

Things to do in the area (other than catching a train):

Kerb – a London street food market

The British Library

The Regeants Canal – London”s other waterway

Shrimpy’s – American dining in a filling station

You can find all my photographs of the hotel on my Facebook page.

Great Northern Hotel | Kings Cross – St Pancras Station, Pancras Road, London, N1C4TB | 020 3388 0800 |

*Disclaimer – I was invited to stay at the Great Northern Hotel.

Great Northern Hotel London

Great Northern Hotel London

I look forward to connecting with you again in the future.

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  1. What a lovely place and your pics are so good – it feels like I have been there with you!

  2. Looks amazing!

    So glad you enjoyed your trip, Sam. Well deserved!


  3. Looks absolutely breathtakingly beautiful and luxurious!

    I hope you had the best time 🙂

  4. Hi Tamzin – had the best time thanks- although was extremely rushed and busy x

  5. Thanks Zirkie – it was a really superb hotel

  6. Thanks Anina – what an adventure x

  7. Just love your “pictures tell a story”. Glad you had a fun trip, however you do need to take some “ME TIME” & relax, we cant afford for you to burn out Sam

  8. Oh my word this looks so stunning !
    I lived in Kings Cross many many years ago before St Pancreas got cleaned up, looks like I need to go back !

  9. A superb treat and a beautiful atmosphere! One always wishes to stay longer London – time is always the limiting factor! WIl talk soon re Apple Culinaire and try to find a plan that is not so much effort for you at this very busy time

    Carolie x

  10. Simply Sublime… looks incredibly luxurious!

  11. Hey Taryn, yes, I remember when I lived there many years ago (in Wimbledon) – Kings Cross was a really grotty area – so upmarket and stunning now.

  12. Oh wow! I actually remember watching a programme a few years ago about the renovation of this hotel before it was finished. It’s amazing to see it completed now. It looks like a lovely hotel and you really captured the beauty of it.

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