raw salmon salad with fennel, radish and beetroot & the beautiful tintswalo atlantic

salmon trout salad with fennel, radish and beetroot

salmon trout salad with fennel, radish and beetroot

Tintswalo Atlantic Lodge

Tintswalo Atlantic Lodge

I made this fresh salmon salad with shaved fennel and radish on a bed of rocket as a way to remember Tintswalo Atlantic where I was invited two weeks ago to experience their dinner club. Tintswalo has to be in one of the most spectacular locations in the country. Seriously. Right on the water’s edge overlooking the Sentinel Mountain and Hout Bay, it’s worth visiting just to be in this space.

Tintswalo Atlantic Lodge

I actually used a local salmon trout which had been lightly smoked, but you can hardly notice this. I adore raw seafood. I layered the salad on top of a shaved fennel and radish salad with a lemon and olive oil dressing. You can find the  recipe here. So simple and so delicious. I added a few rocket leaves for pepperiness, and beetroot which I had finely julienned because I love the combination of beetroot and salmon or trout. It’s also an element from the dinner menu we had. I scattered over a few micro leaves (including beetroot), and made a dressing of Greek yoghurt,creamed horseradish, black pepper and lemon juice.

raw salmon salad with fennel, radish and beetroot

Located in the Table Mountain National Park, the lodge has 12 rooms nestled along the coast, hidden under and behind the ancient Milkwoods. Each room is decorated individually and each has an individual Island theme.

Tintswalo Atlantic Lodge

Tintswalo Atlantic Lodge

Tintswalo Atlantic Lodge

Tintswalo Atlantic Lodge

Tintswalo Atlantic Lodge

Tintswalo Atlantic Lodge

Tintswalo Atlantic

Sleeping in luxury with the Atlantic Ocean pounding away a few metres away is something that I will treasure (yes I’ve done this before camping on a beach – but not nearly as much fun).

The Dinner club It’s an intimate affair in which guests experience Executive Chef Jeantelle van Staden’s culinary masterwork. She says: “I think the current fresh take on food is wonderful, it’s about time that raw ingredients receive their well-deserved appreciation.” That being said, Chef Jeantelle is not the biggest fan of the current no carb food trend. She firmly believes that potatoes are a blessing from the food gods and if treated with love and respect, they’ll do the same to your waistline. And we all know my thoughts on this.

The dining room at Tintswalo Atlantic Lodge

Tintswalo Atlantic Lodge

The menu was well thought out and delicious. Here it is, paired beautifully with a sellection of South African premium wines:

Truffle Corn Chowder, Parma Crumb and Thyme Biscotti

Protea Chardonnay

Ripe Citrus and Stone fruit flavours provide rich texture on the palate. Tangy and fresh with a distinct twist of citrus and grapefruit too. The tang provides an excellent accompaniment to the creamy richness of the Chowder

Lime cured Trout served with Kataifi Prawn, Beetroot Tartar, Raspberry Drizzle and Roasted Garlic Smear

Haute Cabriere Chardonnay Pinot Noir

Chardonnay contributes elegance and Pinot Noir intensity and richness; combined in perfect proportions, they create an exciting, delightful taste experience which pairs beautifully with this Seafood Creation. You will find an abundance of zesty fruit – most notably white peach, lychee and red fruit – with a delectable full mouth feel and balance.

Frozen Pineapple Lemoncello

Fennel Linefish served with Basil Patagonia Squid, Chive Potatoes, Caponata and Burnt Béarnaise

Villiera Brut Traditional Bush Vine Sauvignon Blanc

An intensely flavoured Sauvignon Blanc with hints of green pepper, fig and flint on the nose. The palate is fresh and lively with a long finish and good balance. The fresh crispness pairs beautifully with the Black Pepper & Lime flavours in the Recipe.

Pistachio Rolled Venison served with Butternut Fondant, Zucchini fritters, Wild Mushroom Veloute, Crisps and Zesty Pomegranate Jus

Protea Shiraz

A pleasant bouquet of black cherry, plum and smoky charcuterie with highlights of pepper and spice. More of the same can be found on the palate which is big, broad and well structured. It is a muscular wine with a commanding presence, Lovely gentle fruited finish with a rich cocoa aftertaste which simply embraces the flavours of the game meat in this dish.

Confit Duck Bon Bon and Black cherry Duck breast served with Wilted Spinach Puree, Spiced Plums and Cardomom Jus and Parsnip Crisps

Graham Beck Pinotage

Smoky notes with intense dark fruit aromas, framed by oak spice.

Fleshy dark fruit continue on the palate with firm tannins and lingering flavours of spice and dark coffee. The full- bodied with well balanced fruit acidity and integrated tannins pair marvellously to balance the richness of the Duck.

Raspberry Pecan Chocolate Torte served with Spearmint Semi Freddo, Rose Dust and Salsa

Mulderbosch Noble Late Harvest

Richly sweet, delivering unctuous dried apricot, mango, orange peel and tangerine notes carried on a lush, creamy, apple-tinged frame. Enjoyed for its luscious fruit flavours is simply sensational with Port. This dessert wine is simply sensational with chocolate.

Tintswalo Atlantic Lodge

I always thought this location was so exclusive and tucked away you needed to be a guest to experience it, but not. This unique and highly sought after gourmet experience, with Chef Jeantelle is available next time you want a spoil. Stay over to take the spoil to a whole new level. Did I mention hte hot tub? Well, perhaps that is best left for another occasion.

Tintswalo Atlantic Lodge

Tintswalo Atlantic Lodge

Tintswalo Atlantic Lodge

Tintswalo Atlantic Lodge

Tintswalo Atlantic Lodge

Tintswalo Atlantic Lodge

For all reservation enquiries please contact Tintswalo Atlantic directly on reservations@atlantic.tintswalo.com or by telephone on (021) 201 0025.

Tintswalo Atlantic Lodge

Recipe for the yoghurt and horseradish dressing (adjust quantites according to the number or size of hte salad you are making):

  • 5T Greek yoghurt
  • 1T creamed hoseradish
  • 2t finely choped fennel leaves
  • salt and lots of black pepper
  • 1t lemon juice

Mix all of hte above and serve with your salad.


  1. Sam this salad is absolutely stunning… I always prefer to eat my salmon raw too so this recipe is perfect for me and one that I am tempted to recreate soon. Pinned!

  2. Thanks Thalia, I think I could actually live on raw fish. Perhaps I was Japanese in a past life 🙂

  3. Hi Sam when is the book hitting the shelves


  4. Hi Alan, only in March next year 🙁

  5. Hi Sam,
    I wanted to say that I recently discovered your blog and think that your photography is absolutely stunning! I find myself always looking forward to your next post.

  6. Sam,
    Could I come work for you PLEASE!!!
    I love food, I can cook & would love to travel, I love photography &
    I would be your personal servant forever & help you with all your work!!!
    Please tell me what you think! I love your site & all your pictures! Beautiful!
    So serious! Thanks, Marilyn

  7. i much prefer to eat salmon raw where i can so this recipe is perfect, and looks so good!

  8. Thanks Marilyn 🙂

  9. Thanks Fida, that is kind and Im glad you enjoy. 🙂

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