June has rolled in, but sadly for us in Cape Town, winter hasn’t really come with it. It definitely has got colder, but we are still waiting for the much-needed rains to replenish our water system. Here’s hoping that the ‘mega storm’ predicted for Wednesday arrives and stays for a few days. These recipes are perfect to make when you baton down the hatches and snuggle up at home this month. 

Eggs Benedict on roasted brown mushrooms

I love this version of eggs benedict which has the poached eggs nestled on a roasted brown mushroom. Perfect if you are watching your carbs.

eggs benedict on roasted brown mushrooms spinach and prosciutto

Baked goats cheese cigars with honey & thyme

This is Rachel Khoo’s famous recipe and it’s absolutely delicious. Perfect for a starter or snack with drinks. 

baked goats cheese cigars with honey and thyme

Ginger miso ice cream

Just because its winter doesn’t men you don’t eat ice cream. This is one of my all time faves and it also happens to be vegan

ginger miso ice creamChocolate gluwein

Just when you thought gluwein was awesome, it just got a whole lot better. Loaded with delicious orange zest and spices to keep the chills at bay.

dark chocolate gluwein

Irish soda bread with rosemary & onion

Nothing says love like baking a loaf of bread, and this super easy Irish soda bread recipe with softened onions and rosemary is the perfect quick loaf to whip up. 

irish soda bread with rosemary and onion

Apple and strawberry crumble

This is my best-ever crumble recipe and it must be made with proper creme Anglaise with vanilla bean. Too perfect for any winter dessert.

apple and strawberry crumble

Coq au chardonnay

A delicious coq au vin recipe made with delicious Chardonnay. I cant wait to make this recipe again.

Coq au Chardonnay

Slow Cooker Mexican short rib tacos

The short ribs cook slowly over hours with zero effort, so you just need to fix a few garnishes to go with this tasty dish.

slow cooker mexian short rib tacos

Roasted smashed new potatoes with Parmesan

Nothing is easier than whacking a tray of new potatoes in the oven. Once soft and smashed, the olive oil and Parmesan gives then delicious crunchy edges. 

roasted smashed new potatoes

Meatballs with Napolitana sauce

Spaghetti & meatballs in one of the best things you can make in winter. 

meatballs with Napolitana sauce



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