Chicken kebabs with yoghurt, paprika and lemon

Chicken kebabs with a yoghurt, paprika and lemon marinade

The most tender and juicy chicken kebab recipe with a yoghurt, paprika and lemon marinade cooked on a Habachi grill.



500gms free range deboned skinless chicken thigh meat

¾ cup plain yoghurt (can be low or full fat)

1 tsp paprika

Lemon zest peels in strips from a lemon using a vegetable peeler

12 Tbsp lemon (juice from half a lemon)

1 tsp salt

1 tsp black peppercorns, roughly crushed in a pestle and mortar

34 thyme stalks

A few sprigs of mint (bruised slightly or torn)

Wooden or metal skewers

Fresh lemon juice


Make in advance: Place all of the ingredients into a medium-sized Ziploc bag and squeeze the chicken to ensure the marinade is mixed and all the pieces are covered. Place the bag lying plat in a dish in the fridge overnight. When you are ready to cook the chicken, remove from the fridge to bring to room temperature (giving the chicken and marinade a good squeeze).

Cut the chicken into small pieces or just thread them as is ensuring they are evenly spaced on the skewer and slightly flattened out (you don’t want the meat too bunched up). Scrape off any excess marinade and discard the bigger bits. Leave a thin layer on the chicken for grilling.

Cook your skewers over your grill, turning frequently until cooked and starting to char around the edges. Season to taste with salt and pepper and squeeze fresh lemon juice (optional).

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