food photography & styling workshop

Russel Wasserfall and Samanta Linsell Food photography and styling course

Russel Wasserfall and Samanta Linsell Food photography and styling course

I am teaming up with the amazing and highly talented photographer Russel Wasserfall to present a comprehensive two day hands on workshop on Food Photography and Styling, and we invite you to join us.

About the Photography

Russel Wasserfall takes you through the steps you need to follow to become a confident and accomplished food photographer. He begins with switching on the camera and takes you through the technical and creative stepping-stones to shooting magazine-quality food photos. You will go away equipped with the skills to create a little studio at home, assess and manipulate light, stop fighting with your camera and make it do what you want. Most of all you will have the tools and understanding to constantly assess and improve your photography.

Russel Wasserfall

Rissel Wasserfall photography

About the Styling

Food photography and styling go hand in hand and I will cover the ways in which you can improve your food image through propping, food preparation and composition. I will take you through a few tips of the trade and show you a few handy tools. We will look at ways to arrange the same dish using different styles, and help you understand themes. I will address a few of styling challenges, offer solutions and generally be on hand to share my knowledge as a professional food stylist in a fun and interactive way.

Samantha Linsell

Who should attend?

This course is for food and photography enthusiasts who want to understand what it takes to make usable and high quality food images for their blogs, as a profession, or simply as a hobby. It is strongly advisable that the attendees own a Digital SLR with interchangeable lenses or have the intention to buy one. On the course you will be able to seek advice on the best gear for the kind of photography you intend doing. Alternatively, we will show you how to get the best out of your existing equipment. We take you from switching the camera on to making beautiful food images in the course of two days.


The Weekend of 11 & 12 May 2013


At the picture perfect Table at De Meye in Stellenbosch, Russel and I will work with natural light and guide you to create beautiful food images and styled set ups


R5500 per person

(This includes a lunch on both days as well as all food used in the workshops)

In order to gain the maximum benefit from the course, spaces are limited to 10 people.

This is a unique opportunity and not to be missed.


To book your place or for more details on the course, please email me on:  Slinsell (@) gmail (dot) com

You can view Russel’s professional website here and Sams site here.

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  1. Oh my word !! My two favourite photographers all in one …

    So would love to come …

  2. Oh my word- if I were even remotely close to the area I would love to attend. What fun!

  3. Wish I was in your beautiful part of the world to take part in such a brilliant course! Your beautiful photography of your granadilla curd, Sam, had me hook, line and sinker and I have made it countless times now with only great comments from everyone who has tried the delectable mini meringue tarts I made with the curd. Will send you the link of photographs as soon as I blog them.

  4. I get so excited whenever I catch word of a photography/styling workshop, and am always so disappointed to find that it’s not even remotely close to me… cape town? Jealous! So wish I could go to this, you guys are amazing!

  5. Hi Lisa, glad you like the granadilla curd. I look forward to seeing the pics 🙂

  6. This is what I was waiting for since meeting you at the first Toffie festival !
    But alas, not possible for me that weekend. PLEASE promise that you will do it again as I’m definitely definitely in !!!

  7. Hi Kosie, will keep you in the loop. Please drop me an email with your details. ThanksSam

  8. Hi Sam,
    I am SO very keen to do this but of course that is the only weekend I am away next month. Do you think you may repeat this course? If so, I am first on the list. I am so disappointed that I can’t do this one. This is EXACTLY what I have been looking for!

    Love Justine.

  9. Hi Sam

    I am 150% signing up for the next one!

    Sounds fantastic. Which this was on offer before by food trip to the UK…????

  10. Hi Toinette, it is looking quite positive that we will do one later on. I will keep you informed.

  11. Nina Du Plessis says:

    Hi Sam

    Are there still any spaces available ?

  12. HI Nina, there are places, but we have changed the date to 11 / 12th May.
    Please let me know if you are keen via email to slinsell @ gmail .com and I will forward a bit more info.

  13. Hi Toinette, just to let you know the course has moved to 11/12 May and we do hope you will be able to make it if you are back from the UK.

    best regards

  14. HI Justine, just to let you know that we have moved the date for our food photography and styling course to 11 /12 May.
    We would love to have you along.
    sam x

  15. Hi Sam,

    Thank you for your reply. 11/12th May is my birthday weekend and we have booked the weekend away then too! But please keep me on your contact list for the next one. Or if this date changes again 😉 (*wishful*)

    Justine x

  16. Hi I would love to atten but this weekend is impossible for me. Could you please let me know if you will be doing another course any time soon. Thanks!

  17. HI Carolina, please can you send me a mail to slinsell @ gmail dot com and I will keep you on the list for any future course.

  18. Hi could you please inform me of an upcoming course during dec/jan 2013/2014

  19. Hi Raeesa, plase send me a mail to slinsell @ gmail dot com with your details and I will make sure I let you know when the next courses are.


  20. Jaclyn Maistry says:

    Hi There

    I would like to inquire about food styling courses for next year 2015 in Cape Town. There is a possibility that i will be moving down next year and wanted to find out what courses you provide.
    I am a Production Designer for films and want to do a bit more with food styling. I have only dabbled in it and wants to know more.

    Look forward to your reply

  21. Hi Jaclyn, at this stage, Russel and I are not planning to do anymore courses. Sadly our shcedules are too full with other projects.
    Thanks for the interest. Please drop me a mail to slinsell @ gmail dot com so I have your details on record should this change.

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