Sweet is my newest cookbook and is a collection of recipes that swings the pendulum from desserts and puddings, across confectionary, to baked treats at the other end. I’ve tried to include a little bit of everything I love; to cover them all I would need a second (and probably a third) book! I have a chronic sweet tooth that has steered me towards my passion for baking and dessert making, both of which are a source of comfort and great pleasure in my life.

The book is divided into chapters according to my favourite sweet flavours: vanilla, caramel, chocolate and fruit. It’s impossible to isolate them entirely so there is also some overlap, and then there’s a chapter for other flavours that don’t quite fit into these. Of course sugar is something to be enjoyed in moderation, but what would a party or any special gathering be without a little something sweet?

Sweet is published by Penguin Random House South Africa and will be available in all major book retailers around South Africa.

Digital copies availabe here and kindle copy availabe here

Drizzle & Dip

Drizzle and Dip (my first book) consists of a mix of recipes with varied and diverse flavours and cross-cultural culinary inspiration. Divided into three chapters – “Morning”, “Noon” and “Night”, each section of the book focuses on recipes recommended for enjoyment during a specific time of day, also taking into account the preparation time available to the busy home-cook during his or her hectic daily schedule. This is such a great time to be a foodie, as food culture is now truly global and influences in my book range from Mexican, American, Italian, British, Mediterranean and the Far East.

My book is a general cookbook but my deep love for baking sneaks through,and Drizzle & Dip includes a few of my all-time favourite recipes. It has a modern, informal and light look which reflects my approach to food – quirky, pretty, fun, creative and simple.

Having been involved with all aspects of the process from developing and writing each recipe,to cooking, styling then photographing them, I have presented them exactly as I want my readers to experience them.

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It can also be found at Present Time (Constantia Village) and select Poetry stores.