a few recipes to make this spring

Avocados for a recipe for salad nachos

Spring has officially arrived in the Southern Hemisphere and we are well on our way to summer. This means it’s time to lighten the load and get geared up for cold dishes, crunchy salads, and cool drinks. Here are a few of my fave recipes to get you in the mood for summer:

Jamie Olivers low fat Caesars salad dressing

The most delicious lowish-fat Caesars salad dressing

This recipe was inspired by Jamie Oliver but I’ve mad it so many times and adapted it to my taste. I often use basil pesto instead of the garlic and fresh basil leaves as its always on hand, but check it out, you are going to love this one. 

kale 'caesars salad' with roast chicken

kale 'caesars salad' with roast chicken

Kale Caesar salad with roast chicken

I don’t know about you but I’m still not over kale and never will be. It’s an amazing vegetable that does require a little TLC to make it delicious. If I’m not making my fave crispy kale chips with Parmesan or even better, spicy kale chips with tahini and sesame I like to make this recipe. In this salad, I’ve softened the raw kale experience with raw baby spinach leaves (my other living best ingredient) and thoroughly coated these with the dressing as mentioned above. The leaves lose some of their super tough texture and the ready-bought rotisserie chicken make this a convenient salad to make in the week.

Piedmontese Peppers

Piedmontese peppers

These stuffed peppers are my best and I can’t get enough of them in summer. They are perfect to serve with a Mediterranean style feast or at a BBQ. I love then cold served with salad on their own too. The other salads on that post are a collection of some of my faves.

A delicious recipe for loaded salad nachos

Salad nachos

I love making my nachos with loads of raw and cooked crunchy vegetable spiled on top. It makes for the most delicious texture adventure and you don’t feel quite as bad about the melted cheese. IN this recipe you will also find one to make a zesty salsa that you can preserve for whenever you want o whip out a few snacks this summer. 

Pomegranate & ginger spritzer

Pomegranate and ginger spritzer

We need some nice summer drinks and this is a great cocktail along with a pomegranate mojito or even a basil mojito. Cheers!

Basil mojito

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A few another seasonal recipe ideas & recipes I am planning to make again soon: Warning, many of these links will take you to an era of my blogging history where I would cringe at the photos. Recipes are good though so please don’t judge. 

A delicious broad bean dip 

Raw Norwegian salad with goats cheese & rocket

In fact all my salmon recipes

Poke bowls – ALL. summer.long

Easy salmon poke that tastes like sushi in a bowl

A summer fruit salad with ginger, mint & lime dressing – from deep in my archives this is the way to take your salad dressing to awesome new levels. 

A quick and easy sparagus, blue cheese & Parmesan quiche

Grilled and baked aubergine pizza (so no bread dough base)

Easy roasted cabbage with crispy bacon

Fesh limes for a basil mojito



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