crispy tortilla pizza

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I had a few friends over for supper and hadn’t sorted a starter nibble.  It’s essential to kick off with a little snack as the guests arrive, nothing hectic, you don’t want to blunt the appetite, but a savoury bite that just takes the edge off that first glass of wine. Enter my crispy tortilla pizza.

I took a couple of flour tortillas and brushed them generously with a mix of olive oil and mixed herbs (the Ina Paarman – garlic and herb seasoning are good here), and then sprinkled over some finely grated Emmenthal (could use parmesan, cheddar, or mozzarella, etc).  The oven was already on for the lasagne, so I baked these on a baking tray for about 4- 5 minutes (200 degrees c) until crispy and just going golden.  An instant – very thin base pizza bianco. Extra nice with some fresh lemon thyme, thyme, or any other herb scattered over. Serve with drinks.

They make very nice little pizzas in a hurry, lightly coat the tortilla with some jar pasta sauce or passata, herbs, finely sliced red onion, or whatever else you like.

tortilla pizza with rosa tomatoes and red onions

Serve with fresh slices of avo, parmesan shavings, a drizzle of balsamic, rocket etcetera. How easy and yum is that?

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  1. The bianco version looks fantastic! Such a great idea to use tortillas as the base. Reminds me of the garlic foccacia (which I love by the way) you get at some pizza restaurants.

  2. they are sooo yummy and not that fillling as they are so thin….so you get the pizza taste without the stomach fill 🙂

  3. You Genius!

    Great with a little pesto on just a sprinkle of mozzarella, similar to how Col’Cacchios does it with their appetiser.

  4. Will definitely try with pesto. Your tortillas really are the best.

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