pears poached in syrupy, spicy red wine

ruby red, syrupy ad spicy
pears poached in spicy red wine

This recipe will be good for 5 – 8 pears and is spicy and delicious, reminiscent of gluhwein and perfect for winter.

Peel the pears and place in a large pot and then add the following:

  •  A cinnamon stick
  • A big pinch of cloves
  • A grating of nutmeg
  • The peel on an orange and a lemon (I use a spud peeler)
  • The juice of the orange and the lemon
  • A small chunk of ginger, peeled and sliced
  • About 60ml of spiced rum or brandy
  • About 1/3 of a cup of caster sugar – and possibly more if you want it sweeter

Cover the pears and all the spices with red wine (2/3 to a full bottle of wine)

pears about to be poached

Cook over a low heat, covered for ½ an hour, turning the pears over from time to time to ensure they are exposed to the wine. 


Remove the pears from the liquid and set aside.

set aside

Strain the zest and spices out the liquid, return to the pot and place this back on high heat to reduce the sauce.  Taste and check, if you would like it sweeter, depending on how much red wine you added, and more syrupy, add a bit more sugar.

When the sauce is reduced and thickened, return the pears and either serve or reheat later.  This recipe can be made in advance.

It’s a spectacular looking dessert and I served with my tonka bean ice-cream.

wallowing in the sauce


  1. drizzleanddip says:

    thank you Andre, I am very honoured that you liked. I had a little look at your site and will pop back again 🙂

  2. This looks utterly delicious – perfect for this weather!!

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