grilled turkish apricot and goats cheese salad with crispy bacon

apricot and goats cheese salad with crispy bacon

I was thrilled with the flavour of my Turkish dried apricots stuffed with apricots and wrapped in bacon recipe I did a couple of weeks back and played around using these ingredients in simple salad.

salty, sweet and creamy

I cut the soft and semi dried Turkish apricots into strips.  I chopped up a couple of rashers of dry cured and smoked streaky bacon (about 2 slices per portion) and pan fried them until crispy.  I removed them from the pan and added the apricot slices to the pan and quickly fried until they just started to blister.  It is not totally necessary to do this, you could just leave use them as is, but I wanted to warm and soften them slightly, and allow them to absorb the delicious bacon fat.

Scatter the apricots and bacon over a bed of leaves of your preference and add small chunks of goats cheese.  Drizzle over a vinaigrette dressing.


some nice flavour and texture
with rocket and watercress leaves


  1. The watercress / rocket salad is the perfect flavour accompaniment – nice and peppery.
    Love the green cloth under the dish!

  2. This salad looks absolutely incredible! The color and all the different textures…just lovely. At first glance, I thought you grilled the apricots. Wishing this for lunch. 🙂

  3. Thanks Shay, I did lightly grill these semi dried (soft) apricots just to warm them and let them caramalise slightly. Not sure what you would call them in the USA. We call them ‘Turkish’ apricots.
    sam x

  4. Goodness, you’re trying to seduce me with all these fab combinations, aren’t you? Well you’re succeeding. Plus, the fact that it’s almost time to eat really doesn’t help. What was I thinking trawling foodblogs at 4:45pm…?

  5. I made this a couple of weeks ago, but used lamb’s lettuce instead of watercress and rocket leaves. Just because I had leftover.
    Aaaaaand it was divine. But I think it’s rather a summery than an autumn meal so I’ll be excited to make that again next year in spring or summer 🙂

    Thanks for sharing + greetings from gourmet Germany!

  6. Hi Chilf
    Thanks for stopping in to leave a comment :-). I’m glad you liked the flavour combos of that salad, and yes I agree it is more of a summer thing.
    Have a lovely day!

  7. Please don’t copy other peoples recipes like you have done on this post.

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