beetroot, carrot, apple and ginger juice

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beetroot, carrot, apple & ginger juice

So after a week of making a whole load of recipes with beetroot, I’m a bit ‘beetrooted’ out and wanted an easier way to digest them. One of my Twitter friends tweeted about this combo for a juice and I liked the sound of it.

If you have ever used a domestic juice extractor, you will know that they seem to take a bit of strain when extracting juice from vegetables, so I really put mine under extreme pressure with a bunch of carrots and a pile of baby beetroot.

Never the less I persevered, and made a juice with the ratio of beetroot, carrot and apple ~ 1:1:2. So double the amount of apple juice to equal amounts of carrot and beetroot.  I added a big piece of fresh ginger (about 10cm) to give it the edge.

It looked just like blood, tasted delicious and I know instantly that I was giving my body an antioxidant boost of note.

I was also terribly excited to see the first season peaches coming into the shops and after a long winter devoid of stone fruit, I made up a platter of peaches and cherries, kiwi slices and fresh coconut chunks.

A fun time shooting this pretty food in my studio ensued.

a platter of seasonal fruit with beetroot juice
peaches, kiwi, cherries and coconut

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  1. Your pics are beautiful and the juice sounds healthy and deicious!! I hope you are well?

  2. Thanks Pinks, I went a little wild with beetroot the last 2 weeks and still have left over, but loved the process of trying to create with them. S x

  3. One of my favourite juice blends. Gorgeous pics as always.

  4. Georgie was it you who tweeted this juice? I couldn’t remember and that is where I got the inspiration. :-). Fabulous.

  5. Hi Sam, I don’t think so.

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