easy baked peaches with yoghurt

baked peaches with greek yoghurt and sugar

This is one of the easiest ways to make a cracker dessert.  I love the thick creaminess of Greek style yoghurt dolloped over these juicy warm peaches with a sweet sugar topping.

You can really choose a variety of ways to bake your peaches or nectarines.  Cut them in half and remove the pip and place them in a baking tray with the cut side facing up. I splashed over Amaretto allowing it to pool in the hollows of the fruit, and then sprinkled muscavado (dark brown) sugar over them lightly, but you could use any liquor of your choice or even water or fruit juice.

the sugar dissolves into the yoghurt

I then baked them in a 180 C oven for about 8 – 10 minutes until they have softened but have not yet fallen apart.  I do like the flesh texture of the fruit  to remain.  You then spoon generous dollops of Greek yoghurt onto each  peach half, sprinkle more dark brown sugar over the top and then place them under the grill for about 5 minutes until the sugar has started to form a syrup.  If you wanted to serve your peaches cold, you could skip the grill stage and put them in the fridge and the sugar would dissolve over the yoghurt beautifully too.  I also gave the sugar a quick blitz with my blow torch which cramalised it to a nice thin crisp. Served slightly warm these are a fabulous and very easy dessert.

after baking and before grilling
you will just want to dive in

Another idea would be to sprinkle crushed Amaretti biscuits on the peaches, drizzle with Amaretto and then bake.

What other amazing recipes do you have using peaches?

decadent but good all at the same time



  1. These look absolutely heavenly! Some oat crumble or toasted almonds would go down a treat with these x

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