halva ice cream and delicious with extra honey drizzled over the top

This is one of my all time favourites and is an incredibly easy ice cream to knock up and tastes like the frozen version of the Israeli treat Halva. It is delicious, unusual and perfect on its own, but goes very well with a range of fresh fruits and nuts. Its got a bit of the ‘WOW’ factor.

This is another of my ice creams that was featured in the Feb edition of Oprah magazine.

I have also made it with yoghurt , but prefer the creaminess of ice cream

This makes 2 litres (serves 10- 12)

2 litres vanilla ice cream
80ml tahini
80ml of runny honey
½ cup of shelled pistachio nuts chopped

Allow the ice cream to soften at room temperature until its slightly liquid around the edges. Add the honey, tahini and half the pistachios and gently fold them through the ice cream. Put the tub back into the freezer until firm and sever with the remainder of the chopped pistachios sprinkled over. You could also drizzle over a little extra honey.

very easy halva ice cream

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  1. you just made my day! halva is one of my favourite sweets, combining it with ice-cream is too much goodness!

  2. Hi Sam
    Great ! Going to try it!
    Were in Cape town area could you recommend for the cones if you need a lot for a function ?

  3. Sam

    Hi Peet, you should be able to buy directly from any ice cream shop. I bought these from Spar in Sea Point. I am not sure where you will get them wholesale though, try Sagra Foods?

  4. Hi Sam

    This is wonderful and i can use an ice cream that has no eggs, thanks for sharing and as usual the pics are amazing

  5. Brenda you can get from Spar, PNP, or Shoprite Checkers under the Mediterranean Delicacies label? 😉

  6. strawberrybanana

    Hi! What do you mean 80ml tahini? Is the same with the gr? Also is the same if I put tahini with orange flavor or not?

  7. Sam


    Tahini is sesame seed paste nothing at all like orange flavour. Im not sure how well it will go with organ. 80ml tahini is 1/3 of a cup.

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