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The Milnerton Flea Market takes place every Saturday and Sunday in a dusty strip of parking lot between Paarden Island Industrial area and the Atlantic Ocean.  This is not a glamorous market, but its the biggest of its kind in Cape Town and its where I often go to hunt for my food styling props.

Hunt being the operative word, but slowly over time I have got to know the various vendors and although I don’t buy any of the prepared foods of offer, I feel like I know what’s around.  Its by no means on the high end of the culinary spectrum, but like everything with this market, if you scratch the surface deep enough, you will uncover a few gems.

This is food made and sold out of mobile trucks, so you can expect all your usual ‘South African’ inspired suspects from boerewors rolls to samoosas to rotis. You will find burgers, fish and chips, calamari, curry and soft serve ice cream at very reasonable prices.

The food vending vans are spread out across the market in between all the bric n brac traders, so you will need to walk the full length of it if you want to find them all.

In addition to prepared fast foods, there are a few food stalls selling good quality items. I love the fresh smoked snoek and angelfish from the Snoek Bar, farm eggs from Solly’s fruit stall and The Pure Cape Honey products.

I had read about the famous pancakes at the market on Sam Woulidge’s blog but did not see them here on the day I took these pictures. I will keep looking out for them because I do like a good pancake.

I have grown quite fond of this market and have figured out the best way to ‘attack’ it and at what times. It really is like a treasure hunt for me and on almost every occasion I leave with something special. On the odd occasion I leave with a lot.

For all my pictures of the market, visit my Drizzle and Dip Facebook page.

Milnerton Flea Market

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  1. andra faye says:

    hey there, just wanted to say i love following your blog. i am an american but my husband is from PE…so i love to stay, somewhat, connected to what is going on with the food scene in SA. also, it’s nice to surprise my husband with SA inspired meals, when i can. also, now i have a list of places and foods to try for our next visit back to SA. thanks! p.s. just voted for you on eat-in. good luck!

  2. Thank you Andra, and glad I could be a little foodie link across the shores 🙂

  3. Hi there,
    Love the photos – you get it so right, i can almost smell the boerie rolls!
    Well done!

  4. love the photos… I am so thinking of SA and adding it to my long list of the places I would love to visit.

  5. Hi Panu, we would love you to visit South Africa.

  6. This brings back memories for my. Although I now live in Scotland, I went to Milnerton High School many moons ago.

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